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  • all right, We've got some exciting news.

  • Hot off the presses way are now in third place for the next mayor of London.

  • William Hill, one of the biggest betting agencies here in the city, has placed US 30 which is the highest rank off any independent candidate in the history off the London mayoral election.

  • This is 10 days after we announced, as I'm super excited, I'm super humbled and it's all because of you because you've been sharing my vlogs.

  • You've been sharing my policies.

  • You've been sharing our message, and it's congruent with what you want and who you are on.

  • We're asking for new leadership.

  • We're asking for science based decision making.

  • We're trying to get London back toe work and take London in a brand new direction on.

  • I'm so excited for this, and, uh, it kind of blew me away.

  • Somebody sent me the odds and already be in third place, the highest of any independent candidate.

  • It just blows me away.

  • There's only two people ahead of us on those air from the traditional parties in London, and I'm actually surprised we're not number two, but I'm willing to accept it.

  • We still got six months to go.

  • So place your bets because this is easy money, folks, because you know that our messages makes sense on the other parties.

  • I don't know what they're talking about.

  • Their career politicians with their vested interests, and they're driving this city into the ground.

  • I can't accept it.

  • Which is why I'm so passionate about this.

  • I've been talking about this.

  • I've been putting our policies out there and I wanna put it all.

  • And I want to make it happen.

  • And I want to take London in a new direction again.

  • Get us back toe work, Science based, decision making health.

  • First education, First family First, let's get back to the basics and let's do this.

  • But again, super excited and super humbled and watch these bookies and watch it happen.

  • We got six months left to go.

  • We're going up against the big ones, the big parties.

  • But our ideas are better.

  • Our energy is better, our intentions or better.

  • And when we moved to City Hall and again, I think it is, we were going There is a collective.

  • I will have one job, and that is to listen to the nine million citizens of London and to serve you, period to serve you not serve me, not served my next election, not serve some strange vested interests, but serve you on.

  • We know how to do that.

  • Let's get this city back toe work.

  • Let's make everyone safe and let's face it on the science and let's move forward.

  • So thanks so much.

  • I was excited to hear this news.

  • Place your bets.

  • That's easy money.

  • I think I'm gonna put some money on us together on again.

  • I do feel like we're all doing this together.

  • Let's show the world what a world class city looks like.

  • Let's show the world what really leadership means.

  • I can't wait to do this.

  • I'm so excited and we're gonna make this happen.

  • Mark my words, so thank you very much.

all right, We've got some exciting news.

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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