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  • I want to ask you about the Clippers and the Doc Rivers situation and who their next coach will be.

  • Because, uh, Agent Jordanovski sat here a few minutes ago and told us that Ty Lue is overwhelmingly the likeliest.

  • But like the betting favorite is Phil Jackson and you throw you hear the name Jeff Van Gundy thrown around.

  • First of all, we don't championship team.

  • First of all, we don't want Phil Jackson back because he showed he wasn't willing to work years ago in New York City.

  • That's number one.

  • Number two.

  • Um, Tyler.

  • You should be the favorite because he's the guy that the players want there and gods who may want to come there.

  • I'm not saying any names have been incredibly tight with Ty Lue, so they would want to go there.

  • Number three.

  • And more importantly, even though listen, we understand that Doc Rivers was there seven years, didn't get them to a conference finals.

  • I do think that he was given a raw deal in this particular situation because the Clippers were one of the two teams that didn't want to go to the bubble.

  • You have Montreal's Harold Miss, about 33 days, you had Patrick Beverley miss.

  • About 18 and 19 days, along with the school of other players.

  • Plus, they weren't that interested in being there.

  • And when you have a resume and credentials like Doc Rivers, I don't believe you lose your job because of bubble play.

  • Had they lost with the season being uninterrupted, I have no problem with the decision.

  • But the fact that the season was interrupted and he loses this job is very, very unfortunate.

  • But I think Steve Balmer will make amends if he elects Ty Lue as his next head coach.

  • Because, ah, whole bunch of people there and people who may want to come to the Clippers want Thailand.

  • Because Thailand has incredible relationships around the league with several players who could help the Clippers stay tuned.

  • Okay, because now I can't not.

  • I can't hear you say all of this and not come a little bit closer and wonder who, what, what what genre of people were talking about.

  • Well, listen, I mean, if you read the news reports and what have you You've heard the name Chris Paul, along with various others that could potentially end up back with the Clippers because you're hearing that they need a point guard or Kawhi Leonard, who, by the way, was in support of Doc Rivers.

  • Staying Kawhi Leonard.

  • Excuse me.

  • We need other players in these shooters and things of that nature.

  • So there's a slew of players that they could get.

  • I am telling you, there are several players that the Clippers would be interested in.

  • All of them have relationships with Ty Lue.

  • So Ty Lue, which should be the favorite to get the Clippers job, and if he's not, it's a problem.

  • And by the way, I also went on the air SportsCenter yesterday and said, I don't wanna hear a damn word about Mike D'Antoni.

  • Being the next head coach of the Philadelphia 76 is I worked in Philly for 17 years.

  • You know that.

  • You want a new coach, you call Doc Rivers.

  • There's no way in hell that Mike D'Antoni.

  • I'm not saying he should be a head coach, but New York L.

  • A Phoenix, Houston.

  • The man ain't never been to a finals.

  • You don't sit up there and pass up Doc Rivers to get d Antoni, who's allergic to defense and is allergic to anybody who doesn't shoot threes, which has not been Simmons.

  • You get somebody else like Mike D'Antoni.

  • I know.

  • The Philadelphia 76 is there listening to me as we speak.

  • That's why I just said what I said.

  • Great.

  • Stephen A.

  • Smith is 20 minutes away from being back on first take here across the hall.

  • So good to see you.

  • Thank you, Steve.

  • Good to see you.

  • Swagger.

  • Don't be ruled.

  • Be nice and behave yourself.

  • Don't make me tell you again.

  • I got your boy, U boy, from what you just said we should excuse everybody that suck in the bubble.

  • Okay, we appreciate it.

  • Hey, he's starting a fight when the producers yelling at me to go to a break.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

I want to ask you about the Clippers and the Doc Rivers situation and who their next coach will be.

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Stephen A. breaks down why Ty Lue should be the Clippers’ next head coach | Get Up

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