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  • The Pelicans have hired Stan Van Gundy as their head coach is the seventh head coach and pelicans history.

  • He's 61.

  • He had been working for TNT.

  • From what I hear, another Van Gundy that works for another television network could be joining him in the n B.

  • A.

  • Soon.

  • That's neither here nor there.

  • This is Whoa, John.

  • Why Van Gundy was hired.

  • What they wanted for that team was a teacher.

  • And you have a combination of some very talented young players, obviously.

  • Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram.

  • This is a team that could make a jump into the playoffs.

  • That was important.

  • His ability as a teacher.

  • He's 61 kind of a taskmaster.

  • Eyes.

  • This a good fit for Zion.

  • I think it is.

  • I really is.

  • He you know, Zions Young.

  • He needs somebody like Stan Van Gundy to be able to help him.

  • If you think about young Dwight, Howard has Stan Van Gundy and you think about an older Blake Griffin in Detroit.

  • Had him so Zions pretty much in between those two guys.

  • It's a great point.

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  • This will be his fourth head coaching stop.

  • I mentioned 61 4th, 4th head coaching stop wasn't great in Detroit, but obviously had some success in Miami before Riley took over for him and then obviously took the Magic as you mentioned Dwight Howard to the NBA Finals in 2000.

  • And so this will be job number four Detroit, Miami, Orlando and now New Orleans.

  • The reason I asked you that is part of the reason he wasn't able to work in Orlando is because, as you said, get a little bit of a falling out with Dwight Howard.

  • I understand there's 11 years ago that might as well be 500 years ago in the n B A.

  • But if you can't get along with your best player, but you also understand Dwight Howard personality.

  • I got Dwight Howard who Dwight Howard is a little bit different than Zion.

  • I think Zion is a little more reserved, and Dwight Dwight had a you know, I'm shocked type attitude when he was in Orlando, which rightfully so he was the big and he was the guy.

  • He was Superman with the cake.

  • He was the dunk guy.

  • He was all of those sort of things.

  • So the relationship never really took where I think, Zion being so young and kind of just you know, Brandon Ingram is There's those there, you know?

  • You got a couple other players that there that could teach him drew holiday All.

  • So it's a little bit different, I think, than the experience that he had with Dwight Howard in Orlando.

  • So obviously, Lonzo Ball.

  • And if he stays healthy with that particular young lineup and everything they were able to extract in the Anthony Davis deal, you would think it could be, Ah, good mix.

  • But 61 years old and again on his fourth head coaching job and again just spit ball here.

  • Maybe Jeff joins them with the Rockets right now, Houston and okay, see, still need head coaches.

  • They do.

  • They do, and there's a lot of candidates that's out there.

  • Qualified candidates for the those two jobs have they ever coached his head coaches in the league at the same time, I think they have.

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The Pelicans have hired Stan Van Gundy as their head coach is the seventh head coach and pelicans history.

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