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  • So I posted a video last night talking about the fact that, according to William Hill, the bookmaker here in London, one of the big bookmakers which they placed bets on all sorts of things from sports, uh, to world events.

  • Two elections, it turns out, had ranked us as number third in the London mayoral election.

  • And this is the highest ranking of an independent candidate in the history off the race for mayor.

  • So we were pretty blown away at world headquarters, you know, 10 days after announcement that we would be ahead of everyone else, the only two ahead of us or those in the traditional parties off labor, hand conservative.

  • And so I mentioned it to you all last night on a video in a post and, uh ah, lot of you thought that their odds were still too long and you went into place some bets at the silliness of 100 to 1 that they had thrown out there.

  • I myself was gonna put a chunk of money on it this morning to um and I saw a couple messages in the comments last night saying, Brian, they'll only do £2.50.

  • They'll only honor that.

  • And I'm trying to wait for more size, as we would say in the city when I used to trade.

  • And then this morning I woke up and they backed it up all the way to 50 to 1.

  • So, according to the bookmakers, are odds of becoming the next mayor of London doubled overnight.

  • So now we are a clear, clear number three.

  • And I'm sure as Maura view, go to place your bets.

  • It'll move even further and further.

  • But look, this is not about making money on dumb, not encouraging you to gamble on anything.

  • Really.

  • Um, but I guess that's effectively.

  • What we're all doing were gambling on a new future were gambling on the fact that an independent candidate who isn't a career politician who hasn't spent the last 20 years in government and their only choice is to spend the next 20 years in government by getting elected and elected again with their vested interests and their corporate ties.

  • You know, you are betting that someone independent like me can come in with fresh ideas with an entrepreneurial point of view and with someone who's been very honest with you and objective over the past seven months by putting out riel messages.

  • Uncensored, unscripted, unedited content from sciences scientists, doctors, nurses, Nobel Prize winners, professors emeritus at great universities, even four star generals.

  • We've been pushing that content out, and I think a lot of people out there really resonate with our platform, which is Get London back toe work.

  • We've got to get the whole city back toe work as soon as possible.

  • Next thing we gotta put our health first.

  • We've got to start making prescriptive maneuvers, um, to make sure that we are the strongest citizens on the planet.

  • Next, we've got to put science first.

  • Let's start using the science as opposed to let the politicians use their science against us.

  • And let's really put in these protocols the hospitality industry.

  • It's one of the safest places to go to the gym industry.

  • One of the safest places to go.

  • 1.7% of transmissions hospitality, 3.3% of transmissions.

  • They really have their businesses keeping a safe, and yet we're closing these sectors down.

  • It makes no sense.

  • And then I wanna put education first as well and make sure we get our kids back to school right now with the lack of testing being available.

  • Ah, lot of kids and teachers are self isolating, and a lot of our schools are effectively closed.

  • Right now, one in 10 schools is now partially closed because they can't get the test they need.

  • This is unacceptable.

  • And this is why I think there's so many people that are rallying around this and finally, is that I believe that this is something we're all gonna do together.

  • Things is about me being mayor.

  • This is about us coming together as a collective listening to each other and making sure that we serve the nine million citizens here in London.

  • And I honestly think we can show the world what a world class city looks like.

  • I really think we could show the New York City's in Los Angeles is and, uh, and Paris and Madrid's and Cape Town's of the world.

  • Exactly how the citizens can rally around things can come together, can get back toe work, could do it safely, can protect those vulnerable, get our kids back to school.

  • And I think once we do it, everyone will do it.

  • And so I'm really excited.

  • I'm humbled.

  • I'm honored.

  • And again, I am here to serve you.

  • That is my job.

  • And I appreciate all the support.

  • That comment you're giving me.

  • I mean, really, I've just never felt so empowered by you you so much.

  • I appreciate it again.

  • I can't do this without you.

  • And when we do this, when we all move into City Hall in May, um, this'll will be when our work starts on.

  • This will be about serving the citizens and doing what is the right thing to do for everyone.

  • So that's my pledge.

  • That's my plan again.

  • Place your bets because this is gonna move again.

  • Probably overnight on, uh, it's fun to watch.

  • And again, it's just great validation.

  • The world is listening.

  • They hear your voices.

  • I appreciate you so much.

  • And all I have to say is onwards.

  • We've got 6.5 months left.

  • Let's take it to them and show them that we are here to take London in a new direction.

  • Thank you very much.

So I posted a video last night talking about the fact that, according to William Hill, the bookmaker here in London, one of the big bookmakers which they placed bets on all sorts of things from sports, uh, to world events.

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