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  • we made it home sweet home.

  • Yeah, we were always a family.

  • We just didn't know how close.

  • That's what.

  • Three months living together, Dio It makes you realize there's much more that connects us than divides us.

  • The association is just that a tight group of guys brothers really united by their unique abilities and the devotion to the game.

  • And now we can all say we made it through the regular testing.

  • We'll take our temperature.

  • The quarantines.

  • Sorry, Mike.

  • You'll be out soon, man.

  • We'll see you soon.

  • Like the General State of Uncertainty.

  • I am concerned we already share the bottom.

  • The bubble showed us how deep it waas.

  • You wanna make sure that Daniel camera will arrest the cops on officers involved were on Taylor's death around the tailor Rianna Taylor Taylor, Justice for Briana Tailor.

  • It kept us together in our demands were changed.

  • Black people in the community don't believe that they were both matters.

  • My goal is to change that and then actually took boycotting a game.

  • Past four months have shared a light on the ongoing racial injustice facing our African American communities.

  • We believe that this time way really could make a difference more than ever, our effort was not just for us in our team, but for our sport, our league and the millions of fans who desperately needed a break from their own isolation.

  • Hey, what's going on, man?

  • Hey, stay sleep.

  • Whoa!

  • That's 5.5 ago.

  • Bond kept us sane in the confinement.

  • That's what I got.

  • A not gonna swim class spin around each other.

  • Is Biltmore chemistry that way?

  • The bubble intensified.

  • Things drills.

  • The three talking to anyone that wants to listen.

  • The game winners Here's Davis 43 in the Wind.

  • Oh, it's good.

  • Anthony Davis Record setting performances.

  • That's a bomb.

  • It is game time disappointments.

  • Joy.

  • Millions of your daddy.

  • And when the work was done, how much sweeter was coming home to reunite with loved ones?

  • Oh, my God, love me way.

  • I think I made some connections and bonds with these guys that will last a lifetime came out of that 123 I'm a better man.

  • Trapping, lived, worked in plate in the bubble.

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we made it home sweet home.

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A band of brothers built in the NBA bubble | NBA on ESPN

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