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  • It's an honor to have you here really is.

  • Thank you for doing it.

  • Thank you for having me, Conan.

  • Appreciate.

  • Been watching your show for years, man, you're a genius.

  • Very quickly.

  • E don't know about that, but coming from you, that's I have a lot of respect.

  • So thank you very much.

  • I'm gonna go right home to my kids and tell the method man called me a genius.

  • Absolutely.

  • First of all, let's talk you are in.

  • Where are you right now?

  • I'm at home.

  • I'm at home.

  • Staten Island, New York.

  • Coron Island.

  • Okay.

  • You know, I like the idea of during a quarantine being on an island.

  • Staten Island.

  • Sounds pretty safe.

  • Yeah, you know what?

  • When the whole breakout happened, I think we have the lowest number of cases.

  • So Staten Island did you know we did pretty well during this.

  • You?

  • That's great.

  • And you're not going.

  • Are you going stir crazy during quarantine?

  • Or are you able to stay kind of saying not like to think of myself as an extroverted introvert?

  • More more on the introverted side?

  • So this was a like this was vacationing for me.

  • I'm good.

  • You're good You're good.

  • Just You're just good hanging around.

  • What do you do?

  • Like, what does Method man do when he's stuck in the house?

  • And he has nothing to do during quarantine.

  • What's your go to move?

  • Quarante.

  • Crossword puzzles?

  • Yes, that's me too.

  • I do.

  • A lot of those keep you keep you.

  • You know what I mean?

  • And I also do actual puzzles.

  • White Mountain plug, plug, plug, white mountain puzzles.

  • It's ah ah website.

  • You go on.

  • And it has all these different puzzles You could put together retro eighties puzzles, Uh, you know, just regular puzzles, but they're they're fun.

  • That's cool.

  • That's great.

  • I just said that was cool.

  • I'm not sure it's cool.

  • I'm really not sure.

  • I have no idea.

  • The fact that you're doing it makes it cool.

  • So, e think if I if I think if I started telling people Yeah, I'm doing a lot of puzzles during quarantine.

  • I'd take some shit for it, but you're not going to take any shit for it.

  • I doubt if I do, I put like a fight, so e and I can't.

  • Okay.

It's an honor to have you here really is.

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Method Man Thinks Conan Is A Genius - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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