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  • Banta Black is made from carbon.

  • Scientists say there are about one billion carbon nanotubes in a square centimeter of Vantaa black.

  • It's one of the darkest man made substances in existence.

  • And though it was originally designed to help with space engineering, it's found other uses from providing a bottomless looking background on a $95,000 watch to cloaking a building in South Korea's 2018 Winter Olympic Park.

  • Vantaa Black absorbs 99.96% of the light that hits it.

  • It makes three D objects look flat.

  • So how is it possible that Vantaa Black could eventually help us see things we can't see now?

  • It is so black, it looks like a mistake.

  • Allow these things might look black and we might even call them black.

  • But they're not actually true black.

  • But this this is closer to true black, and it's revolutionizing everything from space exploration, toe architectural.

  • It's very hard to comprehend the blackest black in the world.

  • I mean, you hear it, it makes sense.

  • You think you can conceptualize it, but seeing it is something very, very, very different.

  • No so black that it changes dimensionality of an object.

  • It's not a color, it's the absence of color.

  • So it's what happens when you have no light reflected back to the viewer.

  • You see nothing so your brain paints.

  • It is black.

  • It might look like paint, but it's actually made up of microscopic carbon nanotubes, which are grown in a lab just outside of London.

  • It's made from individual carbon nanotubes.

  • Those carbon nanotubes like very, very long blades of grass.

  • You imagine if you're a human walking around in grass 1000 ft tall, how little light would get down to you?

  • It's kind of like that, but on a very, very tiny scale, it's pretty much like a a black hole.

  • That's an interesting comparison, because this material is helping scientists peer deeper into the heavens than ever before.

  • Acting a bit like a lens hood for a camera van to black basically prevents lens flares in powerful telescopes.

  • Reducing that stray light allows us to see some of the faintest and most distant objects in the universe.

  • So the closer we get to achieving absolute black, the more we're able to explore the blackness above.

  • But space isn't the only frontier artists, designers and musicians want to get their hands on Vantaa Black.

  • Asif Khan is covering a building inventor black for the 2018 Olympics.

  • When people look at this building, they will see a sort of schism in space.

  • It'll be like you're looking into the night sky.

  • In fact, we're creating a kind of star fields within its blackness, so it will look like the Milky Way.

  • But you'll be seeing it in broad daylight.

  • The ability of anti black is to really make us think, Maura, about the light that we have access to it.

  • It's got the ability to make us realize what a precious resources is.

  • Mm.

Banta Black is made from carbon.

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