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  • It felt like LA hadn't hit a home run in a long time.

  • The other part of this Tim Kurkjian mark to share that, we thought going into this where the Dodgers, they don't chase and they're gonna force nail into throwing a ton of pitches.

  • And he's gonna be out of the zone is gonna be out of the game.

  • He got out of the game, but it wasn't until he inflicted damage on the Dodgers.

  • Well, what Blake Snell did the night he lived on the corners and and sometimes he got the strike.

  • Sometimes they called balls.

  • But as you said, Carl, the Dodgers were not gonna chase.

  • So what he did, he threw 88 pitches and four and two thirds.

  • His curveball slider was the pitch that was working for him.

  • He was throwing strikes with his fastball and finishing off these Dodger hitters with curveballs and sliders and Timmy.

  • When you look at some of the spots that he hit, you realize why he had a good night.

  • Absolutely.

  • And for the first four innings, he allowed no hits and struck out eight.

  • Sandy Koufax, 1963.

  • The only other pitcher to do that in a World Series game and you're right text.

  • He had five strikeouts on the slider, three on the curveball and when he could throw 95 have to breaking balls like that.

  • That's why he won the Cy Young two years ago.

  • And that's why they always have a chance when he pitches.

  • Take a look at some of the pitches that Snell was throwing you go Statcast three d text talked about it.

  • The sliders were unbelievable.

  • There were five of them that he struck hours out on curveball.

  • Three.

  • Fastball.

  • One.

  • Like the story after Game one guys was Mookie Betts.

  • I mean, he carried the team in this game.

  • Mookie Betts went over three.

  • Brandon Lau had the two home runs.

  • As Lao goes, maybe the Rays go.

  • Can you say the same thing about the Dodgers with pets?

  • Absolutely.

  • All day yesterday, after the game were like, How are the Rays going to score runs against this deep Dodger pitching staff?

  • And we said, Well, you know what brand allow has to show up well.

  • In Game two, he showed up and he saw why he was the Rays best hitter last year.

  • and for most of this season, until Randy arose, Aranda came onto the scene.

  • He was their best hitter this year.

  • This is a guy when you hit, too, opposite field home runs against quality pitching.

  • That's impressive, right?

  • And again, this is why Kevin Cash is so good at what he does.

  • This guy was six for 56 in the post season with one extra base hit, and not only did he not take him out of the lineup, he didn't even drop him in the lineup.

  • He worked all in BP about keeping the ball up the middle and hit two opposite field homers, and he didn't hit an opposite field homer all year.

  • This is why the Rays win.

  • And let's not forget he was an M V P candidate for the first month and a half this year.

  • Then he took a tumble and is really tumbled in October, but has gotten back up for the viewer at home.

  • We make a big deal out of opposite field home run.

  • Why do we make a big deal?

  • What?

  • What's so special about it?

  • What does it mean?

  • When you guys were all focused on well, he went up twice because you have much less power that way.

  • I mean, your power is dropping the head, driving that ball to right center right field as a left hand hitter.

  • When you let that ball get deep and still have enough power, you're not getting fully extended.

  • You're hitting the ball back here and still have enough to get it out to the oppo.

  • Pretty good.

  • No, it's fascinating, and you can comment on this.

  • We've seen the managers think about the ones recently that have one world.

  • Siri's, whether it be hinged, your core or whatnot.

  • Kevin Cash.

  • We have five games left.

  • Maybe whatever you think about him, he doesn't.

  • He got blinders on because this idea about do we move loud down.

  • Do we take Morton out when he's been?

  • So we've got a plan and we're going with it right?

  • He's totally fearless, which you have to be as a manager today with the way we cover the sport, the way Twitter attacks every single manager in the postseason and he could care less.

  • What text thinks you're You're me thinks he's going to do it the way that it works, and it It's worked very well, especially with his bullpen.

  • He did not lose a game this year that they lead after seven innings, so he runs that stable in 97 guys in and it works.

  • The other part of this for the Rays, when you look at the guys that were used, Castillo came in late.

  • Aaron Loup was really good in this game.

  • And you don't usually think about Aaron Loup the way you do Fairbanks or Castillo or Anderson.

  • Yep, and I've always said, If you're gonna win a World Series, you need to use your entire roster.

  • And if there's one team that it's set up to use their entire roster and win games, it's the race.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

It felt like LA hadn't hit a home run in a long time.

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