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  • all right.

  • Well, after a night off the world, Siri's is back on tonight, the Dodgers and Walker Buehler to the mound, who has an e r A.

  • This postseason of just 1.89 But hang on a second.

  • Charlie Morton will be going for the Rays, and his postseason er A is less than a third of that.

  • Get ready 0.57 The Rays even things up at a game apiece on Wednesday night.

  • Tony, Who needs Game three more?

  • So, you know, I think the Dodgers are the better team.

  • I think they hit a little bit better and all of that, and I'm not going to back away from that.

  • I think if they lose tonight, the Dodgers, they lose this Siri's Because I look, I I asked myself, who's going to get wins?

  • They have two starting pitchers.

  • That's what they've got.

  • They've got Buehler and Kershaw.

  • They're only really starting pitchers at this point.

  • So even if they each win one more, that's three.

  • Where do they get the fourth game when Tampa goes to a bullpen game?

  • That's what they're bred to do there.

  • I mean, they are built to go toe five pictures and do it that way When when the Dodgers go to Gonsouland and made it looks like this is this is not working.

  • So even though the Dodgers have come back from 31 I think they have to win this one.

  • And it's hard to be Charlie Morton.

  • I know it's hard to believe that a team of the payroll like that has a bullpen game in Game two of the world's Siri's It.

  • It's just amazing how much the sport has changed.

  • But I love the fact that the last time Charlie Morton was in a world Siri's game was 2017 Game seven.

  • He got the last 12 hours against the Dodgers.

  • That's right, when he was pitching for Houston.

  • Yeah, now, all season long, he's only pitched six innings one time.

  • He's pitched into the seventh inning one time, and that's the day five.

  • The last name.

  • He was terrific.

  • He threw 66 pitches in Game seven in the last round against Houston.

  • So again, the formula for Tampa is to go to the bullpen and bringing these guys who throw 98.

  • That's what they do now.

  • There's a way the Dodgers could beat them.

  • You know, just hit.

  • Just hit the way you have hit all year.

  • But you know, if they pound Morton, that's one thing.

  • But Morton appears to be invincible in playoff games, the rare picture that's better in the postseason than the regular season.

  • Significantly better.

  • What's amazing?

  • It?

  • This could be the last time we see him because he's talked about possibly retiring after the SYRIZA.

  • He may get another appearance, especially if it goes seven.

  • What I like about this Clayton Kershaw is going in Game five.

  • So in Game five, he's either gonna have a chance to maybe end the Siri's.

  • Or he's gonna have to be pitching for the Dodgers to stay alive.

  • Or it's gonna be too, too.

  • No matter how you cut it on Sunday, Clayton Kershaw is pitching in a huge game, which is gonna be great to see.

  • By the way, Tim Kurkjian told me the other day that Charlie Morton is an expert barbecue are on that he brings his grills with him wherever he goes.

  • I don't know if that's true, but it sounded interesting to me.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

all right.

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If the Dodgers lose Game 3, they will lose the series - Tony Kornheiser | PTI

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