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  • a lot of Iceland just doesn't seem riel.

  • This surreal, drastic like place that you only really saw in movies you should go to waste because you're on a volcanic island.

  • Things are forming.

  • Things are changing.

  • I am a geologist.

  • I've been guiding.

  • I stand mostly Glacier hikes, uh, mountaineering driving.

  • Guiding for the past four years.

  • I am a drone pilot and photographer from New York.

  • I have been to Iceland nine times in the last three years.

  • The weather.

  • You have warmer days and longer times to see things.

  • The summer solstice is mid June, and that's when the sun will go down, kiss the horizon and come back up.

  • So you have 24 hours of daylight, just that sunlight in the evening.

  • There's like, very hard to describe it.

  • It's like the Twilight Zone that comes right before.

  • Like when the sun sets just stays like that for, like, eight hours.

  • You even when it's raining.

  • It's just such a happy time.

  • People are just like a life more.

  • Yeah, if you want to do good old fashioned tent camping, then I would say Bring it.

  • I brought my own camping here.

  • Bring your stuff things are expensive over here.

  • Believe me, I would bring a warmer than normal tent and sleeping bags.

  • The Islamic summer is a lot colder than most other places, so expect to be the hot and cold.

  • You could be in midsummer, but it drops down to zero almost and snows in July.

  • The camp sites are also very inexpensive.

  • I think there was $20 per night per vehicle, not per person back.

  • Gil is really interesting because it offers mawr of those Jurassic like scenes.

  • They've got showers, indoor toilets, areas for grilling in the summertime.

  • I go hiking and never bring a bottle with me.

  • E.

  • There's no kind of proud with that that you can almost go to any stream and drink water like no problem now.

  • I wouldn't drink water from a lake just because sitting water attends toe have its own issues.

  • But all the rivers in Iceland produce clean drinking water, so rent a car.

  • It's super easy.

  • You get into the airport and there's already those big brand rental companies that you would know from anywhere over the world.

  • But in Iceland they have very particular weather conditions that change really fast, so if you go off with road, it can be very treacherous and there's not a lot of people on the road to see you.

a lot of Iceland just doesn't seem riel.

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