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  • Hi, friends.

  • My name's Monica and I love to travel.

  • I mean, there's nothing better than jumping on a plane discovering new lands packing.

  • Actually, if I'm totally honest, that's my least favorite part of traveling.

  • But you know what?

  • It's necessary.

  • So in today's lesson, I'm gonna teach you a few French words that you can use when you're packing to go on holiday.

  • You ready?

  • Let's do this by eso.

  • One of the most important words that you need to know is the French word for suitcase because, after all, you can't pack without it.

  • Right?

  • So suitcase in French is la valleys.

  • Repeat after me.

  • Laval is great.

  • Here's another helpful phrase to tell somebody what you're putting in your suitcase.

  • You would say Dharma Valleys, Jamie, plus the item that you're putting in the suitcase.

  • So repeat after me.

  • Dhamma Valleys.

  • Jamie.

  • Awesome.

  • All right, so you are totally amazing at that.

  • Let's move on and figure out the words for what you're actually gonna put in the suitcase.

  • I'm going to run through these words, but please feel free to stop the video as necessary so you can get a much practice and repetition as you need dress in Hub.

  • The marvelous Jamie in Hub T shirt, anti shirt, Dhamma valleys, Jamie A T shirt hat chapeau.

  • The marvelous Jamia Chapo sunglasses.

  • The United Soleil Dhamma valleys.

  • Jamie's Unit du Soleil Trousers on pantaloon Dhamma, Belize.

  • Jamia Pantaloon scarf.

  • June is shop.

  • Dharma Valleys remain you, Nesha.

  • Coat Amount.

  • Oh, marvelous.

  • Jamie Amount.

  • Oh, shoes.

  • Marvelous.

  • Jamie.

  • Umbrella the marvelous Jameah.

  • Wow, Fabianski!

  • Now let's move on and use this vocabulary in a dialogue.

  • Oh, Saleh, Mama!

  • Sarah Salmasi don't have Elise Mama Drama volition, you know, Huh?

  • T shirt.

  • Uh, the, uh the Unit Soleil.

  • If I played work to not professional, you know, our pop was wondering, You know, Abu DACA is sorted.

  • Butoh commit.

  • You don't his mama The mother is Jamie Amount.

  • Oh, Vega Shampoo.

  • Give a Taco Adama life Hope off.

  • Oh, why, Matthew, just like that.

  • Our lesson on French words that you can use for packing has come to a close.

  • For more French vocabulary words, make sure to check out Lonely Planet's new book, Siri's first words, French and stay tuned for more French language videos from me onica off.

  • Uh, a bientot.

  • Bye.

Hi, friends.

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First words in French: what to pack - Lonely Planet Kids

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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