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  • It's a new torture Dolls, Boys, Let's turn up the heat.

  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10.

  • Hardest games to platinum.

  • What this'll list will be looking at those games that truly make trophy hunters earn their platinums.

  • Which trophy is just not worth the effort?

  • Let us know in the comments before we continue will be doing a deep dive on this lists number one entry over on mojo plays, so be sure to check it out once you've finished watching Number 10 Ninja Guidon Sigma two Plus the Ninja Guidon Games are not font of handing out platinum trophies until at least a few controllers have been broken in Ninja Guidance Sigma to the hardest trophy to earn involves completing the 35 tag missions.

  • It is an arduous but doable task in the PlayStation three game, assuming a player finds a solid coop partner for the tougher missions.

  • The PS Vita version of Ninja Guidance Sigma, too, keeps the team missions and their associated trophies but removes online coop, forcing players to join forces with AI partners.

  • Sadly, the AI isn't what we would call a master ninja you Number nine Borderlands two.

  • It's greater has ever seen.

  • Earning a platinum trophy mostly comes down to commitment and skill, but sometimes there is an element of luck to it as well.

  • Borderlands twos Platinum is, unsurprisingly, a time sink, as all the side missions need to be completed and every location discovered while time consuming.

  • These sorts of tests are par for the course for this type of game.

  • Borderlands.

  • Two's most frustrating trophies, however, are tied to unpredictable spawn rates such as the one rewarded for killing Donkey Mang or challenges that have a nasty habit of clinching out at a moment's notice.

  • Oh, you are okay.

  • Number eight cup head and begin in 2020 cup Head brought its brand of soul crushingly hard run and gun mayhem to Sony's PlayStation four.

  • Completing Cup head on normal is far from an easy task, so getting the platinum requires complete mastery of the game, along with earning at least an A minus rank against all the bosses Cup head must also be beaten on expert difficulty, which definitely lives up to its descriptor.

  • There is also a pacifist trophy that eliminates the gun aspect from cup heads gameplay, requiring the six levels to be completed without eliminating a single enemy.

  • Number seven.

  • Super Meat Boy Mhm.

  • A platformer known for its grueling but generally fair difficulty.

  • Super Meat Boy's Platinum is a rare achievement that precious few have even dared to dream of obtaining.

  • After you have completed all seven worlds totalling over 300 levels, the real grind begins because each chapters light and dark worlds must be completed without dying.

  • That means completing 20 levels without a single failure and then repeating the process 11 more times.

  • Super Meat Boy throws players a bone by allowing the levels to be tackled in any order in different characters to be used.

  • But it's nonetheless a near impossible task.

  • Number six Grand Therese Most sport Similar to Gran Turismo 5 2017 sport locks.

  • It's platinum trophy behind a grind wall that is astronomically high.

  • Seriously.

  • One would have toe live and breathe the game for months to even come close.

  • Reaching Level 50 is a long and seemingly never ending journey that mostly comes down to dedication rather than skill.

  • The same cannot be said, however, for the trophies tied to the online sport mode events, along with securing 65 pole positions to earn an Ayrton Senna theme trophy.

  • Gran Turismo Sport also expects players to win 91 multiplayer races.

  • Ah, laughingly difficult task to achieve in such competitive game.

  • Number five.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Tomorrow I'll unlimited.

  • Yeah, MMORPG seem to exist to make other grind heavy trophies seemed like a breeze.

  • Years of playing the elder Scrolls online are required to even come close to getting all its trophies.

  • A player must defeat all the public dungeon champions and destroy all the dark anchors, as well as complete dozens of other challenging tasks.

  • Even then, all that effort could be rendered moot if they're not also the highest ranking member of a powerful PVP alliance capable of capturing the six main keeps in Syria.

  • Del.

  • That's the on leeway to be crowned as emperor and to unlock its connected trophy.

  • You know, Number four injustice, gods among us, his money's green and as a bonus, I get to kill Batman Injustice combines its difficulty online trophies with single player ones that require all of the time in the world Earning a platinum trophy essentially means completing everything.

  • Injustice has to offer and high voltages Game is not lacking in content.

  • Most trophies are quite straightforward, such as completing injustices equivalent oven arcade mode with each character in all the missions in battle mode.

  • But these will take hours upon hours to complete, and that's before taking into account that one trophy requires earning three star ratings that each of the 240 S.

  • T A r Labs missions.

  • You stole this planet freedom.

  • It's time to give it back.

  • Number three Street Fighter five.

  • No need for talk.

  • Let's do this Round one fight product.

  • Yeah, while Street Fighter five is more accessible than most fighting games, that doesn't extend to its platinum trophy.

  • It's not just that the hardest trophies in the game or a punishing grind, but many are also multiplayer focus and Street Fighter five prioritizes the competitive scene over single player content.

  • Reaching Level 30 will take plenty of time, but it is nothing compared to the challenge of winning enough ranked matches to reach the Gold League.

  • Completing the survival mode on the highest difficulty is a bit easier now than it was at the game's launch, so it might only require the sacrifice of one controller.

  • You win number to call of duty.

  • Black Ops three with 48 trophy spread across the campaign.

  • Multiplayer and zombies modes.

  • Black ops.

  • Three test players in every area imaginable in route to its platinum.

  • By the time that elusive notification pops up, the achiever has likely spent so many hours on Black Ops three that Activision has probably already released five or call of duty games.

  • Many of the trophies are a mix of tedious and cruel, but the magnum opus of this torture Sunday is the personal decorator trophy.

  • This involves earning all the service medals in the campaign, which is so all encompassing and challenging that it could easily have replaced all of the games of the trophies.

  • How Going on food?

  • Extra insight.

  • Tell me the truth fast.

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  • Number one Grand Theft Auto five.

  • He didn't have to do that Let's get going.

  • There will be time for grieving later.

  • Grand Theft Auto Five story related trophies are not all that bad to collect, even if they might require multiple play throughs of the campaign.

  • Then there is Geeta Online's trophies, some of which could be almost impossible to obtain unless playing with friends who are willing to throw events.

  • After years of playing g t a online, someone could very well unlock the platinum trophy by simply experiencing everything the world has to offer and eventually reaching rank 100.

  • However, playing G T a five specifically to earn its platinum is a tiring experience that feels like it could go on forever.

  • You know, I've been in this game for a lot of years, and I got out alive.

  • If you want to know why we chose our number one pick for this list, head over to Mojo plays and watch our in depth analysis of the entry.

It's a new torture Dolls, Boys, Let's turn up the heat.

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