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  • perk.

  • What's your reaction to P.

  • G's comments?

  • Well, first of all, why are we talking about ratings?

  • Why's PG even talking about ratings?

  • You don't hear Anthony Davis talking about NBA two K ratings.

  • He's worried about championships.

  • Paul George Championships.

  • No one cares, brother.

  • No one cares.

  • Go out there and show the world.

  • But look, this is the Clippers.

  • All talk.

  • No bite.

  • We don't wanna hear no more.

  • We want to see some biting.

  • I don't wanna hear all that barking.

  • Show us why your ratings should be higher.

  • Yeah, this is my thing When you have an end to the season like he did from trash talking Damian Lillard toe like, two weeks later, being trash and then blaming it on mental health issues and then coming back and having a good game and saying I'm cured and then having another couple of bad games again balanced after you up 31 perks.

  • Right, Man, that's when you suspend all marketing things like I know I'm supposed to do.

  • Hey, guys, I'm not gonna talk.

  • I gotta be focused right now.

  • I guarantee you right now, Yanis is not worried about his two K rating he's worried about.

  • I got bounced again after being a favorite.

  • How can I get better?

  • So that never happens again.

  • How can I get better so they don't game plan me the way they did again.

  • Right now, what Paul George is doing is just ridiculous.

  • Ridiculous.

  • You gotta have knowledge itself.

  • And I'm not saying that you gotta be in a gym 24 hours a day or anything like that.

  • But you gotta know when toe lay low as the song goes.

  • But but my question Look, perk isn't your two k rating kind of an indication of how you are viewed in the game?

  • He said They said that they had him as a 95 to start the season, and now he is down to an 88.

  • So as much as this is just a rating, they are shooting a direct shot.

  • They were like, Hey, you are seven points lower than you were to start the season last year.

  • And he was just like, I'm on my tour.

  • Doesn't that give some indication for no.

  • First of all, Ronnie, two K is the one that does the ratings.

  • Did you watch Ronnie two K play last year in the celebrity game in the All Star weekend.

  • How?

  • How can he have the audacity to get anyone to rate in the way that he looks on the basketball court?

  • That's the first thing.

  • Second of all, who can cares?

  • Who cares about a rating?

  • You know what you are as a person.

  • Yes, it should be disrespectful.

  • But when in solids, you don't have to let the world know.

  • All you have to do is sit back and say, Okay, I show you like I mean, just said Yuan is not worrying about is rating.

  • Yuan is probably sitting back saying, All right, I'm gonna be better next year.

  • That's all I'm saying.

  • And by the way, is Ronnie two K.

  • Did you watch Ronnie two k play basketball?

  • He's questions.

  • Why?

  • What's your question, by the way, is he doing that in his closet?

  • Or is that his living room that has all the shoes out there?

  • Either way, the smell can't be that good.

  • I mean, I didn't I didn't get I didn't get his location.

  • I I apologize.

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Perk GOES OFF on Paul George for talking about his NBA 2K rating with Ronnie 2K | The Jump

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