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  • Well, listen, you know, I feel for Ryan.

  • You know Ryan Fitzpatrick in that moment, because here it is, in a position where he's been playing some really good football.

  • The Miami Dolphins team is has really started to take off under Bryan Flores.

  • But, you know, I understand what Bryan Flores is doing right now.

  • You know, so so many times we wanna be quick to throw these rookie, You know, these top pick quarterbacks out there, But Ryan floor is basically said, you know?

  • Yes, he's been cleared medically, but he's not ready.

  • Okay?

  • We want to put him.

  • We want to put two in in the most advantageous situation here.

  • You got the Miami Dolphins team.

  • They're playing good on offense, defense.

  • And it's the perfect environment for your young quarterback to possibly thrive in.

  • So I give him a lot of credit for Dominique.

  • I wanted to ask you, you and I talked about this a little beforehand.

  • I know you haven't had a chance to see it.

  • Now you have.

  • What was your reaction to what he said?

  • I mean, it was honest.

  • It was really is painful to watch, honestly.

  • But I think we get so used to our athletes going back in the locker room and putting on their life face and coming out and telling us all these lives that we want to hear.

  • Hey didn't have time to do that or he didn't care to do it.

  • He was honest.

  • And you don't get to this level without being competitive without being passionate and without being hurt.

  • When when you feel like you've been wrong and he's certainly has a reason to feel like he's been wrong, then this he's been playing well.

  • You don't lose your job when you're playing well, even if there is a playing around it and I understand what d what he's saying, and I agree.

  • I think this is the right move for Bryan Flores, but that doesn't mean that there's not some collateral damage along the way.

  • And that sucks for Fence because he's playing well and maybe part of it.

  • Louis is, and Bryan Flores says he's going to apologize to his team for this, that this got out into the media before he the coach was able to tell the players.

  • So the team found out that the change was being made from reporters like like from ESPN, etcetera.

  • Lewis, What does that mean?

  • And what is that problem with their?

  • Yeah, because you don't wanna find things out that way, Obviously.

  • I mean, you want your coach to be someone who breaks the big news to you like this gives it to you straight, gives you, gives you the entire story before you hear bits and pieces of it, Or here, you know, just soundbites about what's going on with it, or see your quarterback who has played some of the best football that he has played in his career.

  • Go on and give you a very emotional statement about how he feels as though his heart is hurting and that he, you know, he just doesn't quite understand why he's being why he's being taken out of the lineup.

  • And Brian's a stand up guy.

  • And you know he's gonna rectify this with his football team, and he wasn't trying to deceive him in any way.

  • But you definitely can understand what Ryan Fitzpatrick is feeling, because look, he's been in situations where he's been replaced before, and it's been he's been replaced because his production has not been up to part, and he hasn't been the answer for those teams, and he knows that the long term he wasn't the answer for this football team.

  • He he knew that this day was coming, but but the worst thing in the world I don't care if it's football or anything else is to know that you have performed the know that you have done everything that you possibly can and not just know inside.

  • But you know that everyone else knows it, too, because the statistics are there.

  • The evidence is there that you've done your job and then you know that because something sounds like it was already predetermined.

  • You still aren't good enough that I don't care if it's football or not.

  • There's no other reaction you could expect him to have.

  • That's the one he's supposed to have.

  • So you have to respect it.

  • Yeah, it was again.

  • It got a lot of reaction yesterday.

  • It just wasn't It wasn't what you expected to hear him say one way or another, we'll see how to a place they have A by this weekend.

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Well, listen, you know, I feel for Ryan.

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Reacting to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s emotional response to being replaced by Tua Tagovailoa | Get Up

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