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  • Oh, boy, I just got done bringing Plato breakfast.

  • It feels so good to do something nice for someone.

  • You can give them a hug or help them with a job.

  • Do one nice thing your heart will sing, Students, Everyone take your place.

  • Music cuckoo loca Let's start with some basic ballet and first position.

  • Oh, great, everyone!

  • Oh, they know the basics.

  • Come on, student dancers.

  • Let's get our full ballet on 40.

  • What kind of ballet is that?

  • It's certainly not traditional.

  • Wow, What do you Daisy Wanna learn that ballet?

  • Me too.

  • Bigger arms, Everyone.

  • More legs reach.

  • Reach here in turn town.

  • Oh, Quackers.

  • Do we ever need toe practice?

  • At least one of us sure does.

  • Daisy.

  • Okay, everyone.

  • Let's try that again.

  • I'll take it from here.

  • No, I got it.

  • Cuckoo.

  • Look, uh oh, Dean, It's like she's got ants in advance and the pants are all over her body.

  • Thanks again for taking me to the doctor.

  • Goofy.

  • I've got to get there and back before the dance party.

  • No problemo.

  • Clear a mil goofy.

  • Look out you are.

  • Yeah.

  • Whoa, That was a close on.

  • Oh, ISAT this Wonderful.

  • The students really seem to be embracing ballet.

  • Maybe it's time to move on to tap dance, Daisy.

  • Great idea.

  • Okay.

  • Students were moving on to tap on.

  • Here is tap dance.

  • Okay, Tiny Tapper's and 565678 e many.

  • She's not doing the right steps again.

  • Oh, I know, Cuckoo.

  • Look up.

  • But she's having so much fun.

  • I just haven't the heart to tell her what you looking, Daisy, Go.

  • She's awesome.

  • How does she move so fast?

  • Like this'll this'll fun on she Simple and Slide Clyde way quackers.

  • Take five Now what are we?

  • Don't Clara Bell is going to be back soon, and we haven't really talked to many of the three dances.

  • We don't want to disappoint Clara Bell.

  • I just had to find a way to talk to Daisy without hurting your feeling.

  • And it's Showtime.

Oh, boy, I just got done bringing Plato breakfast.

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The Happy Helpers Dance ?? | Mickey Mornings | Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures | Disney Junior

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