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  • their losses have been pretty good, too.

  • They had a lead in the fourth quarter against Seattle.

  • They had a chance to win that game that they've lost earlier against Buffalo.

  • So Dominique does this move makes sense to you to make right now?

  • Yeah.

  • I think you get better by getting experience and getting out on the field.

  • I like them putting them out there.

  • The one criticism I would have of this move.

  • I can't have that criticism of them because of Bryan Flores.

  • So I think back to last season when we all thought they were tanking and I was very critical because of what I thought it does to a culture when you say we're playing for the future, that debilitates a team that wants to win right now.

  • But Bryan Flores somehow brought them from Oh, and seven start to being respectable because he was able to build a culture in that environment.

  • I also think if you're gonna pull out a starting quarterback, that's playing pretty well to bring in a young guy that suggests your team that you're playing for the future.

  • But I think Bryan Flores has proven that that doesn't matter.

  • Whatever connection that he has with his team is a connection that Mike McCarthy clearly doesn't have with his team in Dallas.

  • But it's a connection that allows you to make some decisions that seem not all that wise but also resonate with your team, our senior and l s u guys.

  • So no one knows the Alabama quarterback better than the L S U guy.

  • What do you expect from him quickly?

  • Oh, what you expect from tours to get the ball out of his hands, to be accurate and to understand what the game plan is, whether that's used Gaskin, Kosecki or we're gonna go outside the Preston Williams and Devante Parker.

  • This is gonna be a run and catch team early on into a tunnel by lowest acclamation, and I believe they understand that.

  • And that's why you wanna have these two weeks a bye week in between his first start to get him settled in to get your team playing in the way that, too, and needs them to obviously Desmond Howard, you cover the college game for us at the highest possible level.

  • You saw all the things we don't need to go over again the terrible injury that he suffered at the end of his collegiate career.

  • Now he sits and waits and gets his chance.

  • What are your thoughts on the way This all played out for two.

  • And what do you expect?

  • Well, I think it couldn't have played out better for two.

  • I mean, for a young man to go through the collegiate season that he had with those injuries and still get picked in the first round, I think it's tremendous not moving forward.

  • I believe that Bryan Flores and his staff, they love what they see from this young man.

  • In practice, they feel as though there's no longer reason to hold him back.

  • I understand what this Patrick has done for this organization, but now they're playing for the future.

  • And let's face it, I mean to is a guy who was like Like Ryan said.

  • He's amazingly accurate Onley thing he has to do.

  • His biggest problem was holding onto the ball too long, trying to make plays, and that's how you end up dislocating his hip.

  • So if he's erased that from his game and we won't know until we see him out there on the field, but they know because they see them every day in practice.

  • Then I think he'll be okay.

  • And he does have weapons.

  • Like Penn State's tight end, Kosecki, Hey, has the White House on the outside.

  • That means he could get the ball out and get the ball out in rhythm, too.

  • So I think this is gonna be interesting.

  • Move now with the bye week.

  • I understand another week of preparation, but then you gotta face one of the best, if not the best defensive lineman and all college in all the NFL and Aaron Donald.

  • That may be an issue, because he's gonna be looking at Donald when he's in this cadence.

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their losses have been pretty good, too.

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