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  • what I remember.

  • I have five memories of I think the first time you came on my show, it might have been in maybe 93 or 94.

  • And you were sitting there and you were commenting on You said, I sense a really strong sexual energy between you and Andy and people e mean people responded.

  • People really felt like, Yes, Alec is onto something now and he's not even there now is no.

  • He's here somewhere.

  • He's in the back set, hold on And a Andy Andy, I'm talking to Alec Baldwin.

  • My God, we're in an old theater, The Largo Theater And it's Alec Baldwin.

  • Remember when he said that you and I had a sexual energy?

  • Yeah, yeah, I know he's been wrong about a lot.

  • I since I always sense a cascade of sexual energy between the two.

  • However, however, however that mask you're wearing, Andy has thrown ah water on that fire.

  • I must also the fact that it looks like something out of the back.

  • And I'm like, master like something share would wear.

  • I don't know why you have that cranberry colored mascot share Adolf Mazu Mazu.

  • You guys were really going for the youth vote.

  • Yeah, you're young.

  • Pretty young up the show, you know?

  • I mean, are you cooking something back there on the hotplate?

  • I was doing dishes, boss.

  • Well, as you can see, the sexual energy is thriving here of the show.

  • That's enough for me.

  • Alright, I Andy.

  • God bless you and Director.

  • I love you, Bob.

  • You too.

what I remember.

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Alec Baldwin On Conan & Andy’s Sexual Chemistry - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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