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  • JESSIE HOLMES (VOICEOVER): What doesn't kill

  • you just makes you stronger.

  • Good practice, get knocked down, get right back up again

  • and get back to work.

  • [music playing]

  • JESSIE HOLMES: Gee, gee, gee, gee, gee.

  • Just got the dogs out for a good run.

  • I'm about to start working on my cabin.

  • It's kind of been getting put off a long time.

  • Had a lot of other stuff on the plate,

  • but the tent's kind of becoming undesirable to live in,

  • and winter is extremely set in here.

  • Winter's long, but the daylight's short.

  • And it's been some 20, 25 below temperatures,

  • and now the temperatures are really starting to drop.

  • Nothing like some deep, cold to get some urgency.

  • Started this cabin, you know, before the snow started flying.

  • I've got everything sealed in.

  • I got a solid roof on it, solid foundation, solid walls,

  • but what I need to do right now is get the roof insulated.

  • The daylight's about to be gone.

  • Limited daylight is about four hours.

  • If I work four hours a day, nothing's going to get done.

  • So I mean, I could be cutting wood at 3:00 in the morning,

  • running dogs 3:00 in the morning,

  • building the cabin at 3:00 in the morning, whatever it takes.

  • You getting this cabin bill just in time,

  • cold's really starting to move in here.

  • Got the first sheet cut here.

  • This is one of those things it would be real nice to have

  • a second hand with, but this is where years of handling plywood

  • comes into play.

  • This is going to be the part that's not very fun.

  • Thank God I got some purchase on that one.

  • Whenever I was 20 years old living in a tent,

  • all winter was nothing.

  • But I'm not 20 years old anymore.

  • I don't recover.

  • I don't bounce back as quick.

  • A person needs to feel human.

  • They need a place to have their own,

  • be dry, be warm, keep all their most important things out

  • of the weather.

  • It feels good to get some momentum back

  • into this project.

  • The hardest thing is to get going, sometimes.

  • If you're going to be efficient and effective out here,

  • you have to figure out ways of killing

  • two birds with one stone.

  • You've got to think multi-dimensional.

  • OK, I got most of my plywood up on the ceiling.

  • This area I need to leave open, because I'm going to start

  • setting my stove up here.

  • This is kind of the exciting part.

  • I'm really looking forward to getting this wood

  • stove in here, because then I can

  • get myself a source of heat.

  • I mean, I've been living in a tent all winter.

  • I'm out here working in the cold all night because I want to get

  • this done, get this cabin good enough that I can start

  • moving my stuff in it tonight.

JESSIE HOLMES (VOICEOVER): What doesn't kill

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Building a Cabin in the Arctic | Life Below Zero

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