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  • I want to turn to a story we're hearing from a great deal from viewers and listeners in Nigeria.

  • These growing protests Nigeria's head of police has now ordered this men to stop using force against protesters.

  • He's also ordered the unconditional release of Aled, those arrested during the demonstrations.

  • Let me show you these pictures from Monday as police using live ammunition against people demonstrating in Lagos, Nigeria's biggest city.

  • They've also been using powerful water cannons.

  • Amnesty International says at least 10 protesters have been killed so far.

  • It seems like these from today have also been going on and it's been happening for a week now.

  • The demonstrators are calling for a notorious police unit known as SARS to be scrapped, its the special anti robbery squad and it's widely accused of human rights violations, including torture and extrajudicial killings.

  • These are the type of abuses protesters want to stop.

  • E God punishing, punishing anonymous thing is footage from 2014 showing a man being hit by armed policemen as they hurl abuse at him.

  • There also claims a daily persecution of ordinary Nigerians.

  • Young people in particular say they're routinely routinely harassed by SARS on alleged extorted.

  • Allegedly extorted for money to hear some of the protesters.

  • I'm a woman.

  • I come back at night.

  • Get money by my vehicle.

  • Don't call me a prostitute.

  • Way cannot do that.

  • I want to ask for my money.

  • Stop killing our boyfriends!

  • Stop killing our Children!

  • Stop crying!

  • Stop killing them today.

  • Now!

  • Well on Sunday, the authorities trying to placate the protesters by announcing the dissolution of SARS.

  • But protesters say they heard the promise.

  • They've heard the promises before.

  • This is the same head of police speaking.

  • Last year, the operation of the special and to robbery scored, which is currently centralized at the first Sequiturs is hereby decentralized become mawr than just about that one police unit.

  • The protesters are now listening further demands in this post of for example, they include the creation of an independent body to oversee the allegations of abuse.

  • And they say until all of their demands are met the unrest, the protests will continue.

  • Let's hear from Ruth Allah fan in Lagos.

  • She's with the clean foundation that promotes police reform in Nigeria.

  • So what you see that is still happening goes beyond just the resolution offsides, toe, external issues revolving around the need for lasting sustainable police reform.

  • So people are still on the streets because overall, the policing culture by the Nigerian police, the management and in terms of the police and architectural it's at its lowest.

  • You cannot compare that with best global practices.

  • Over time you've had a police institution that has been so far alienated from the people.

  • So you see that there are still issues off extortion.

  • Despite a clear example.

  • You have cases off Belize free, so the police will come only tell you that bell is free.

  • But yet you still have people being extorted at the various police stations on the road, at checkpoints, at roadblocks you cannot move easily.

  • You see how the police extorting on you have?

  • No.

  • If you are not ableto pat some funeral notes, you end up being your rights being violated.

  • Either you asked to pack and then, uh in terms off what you see on the streets where you have the average Nigerian youth hitting the street.

  • There has been a policing culture that targets young Nigerian youths that are perhaps seen in flash pickles.

  • On this are seen as, uh, Internet fraudsters well.

  • Next is the latest on this story from the BBC's Eshaq Khalid in the capital Abuja.

  • What we've seen today is that the protest has grown bigger and spread wider toe around a dozen cities across the country.

  • But we've seen less violence compared to yesterday Monday when we saw multiple casualties among the protesters and even the police officers.

  • But what is not clear is whether the measures the authorities are taking will actually convince and satisfy the protesters and stop taking to the streets.

  • One thing some people are saying is that there is a sense that there is more to these protests than police brutality.

  • It's chocolate.

  • BBC News Abuja.

I want to turn to a story we're hearing from a great deal from viewers and listeners in Nigeria.

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End Sars protest: Nigeria police to free all protesters - BBC News

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