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  • okay, even though he made a great catch and he put the Dodgers on top.

  • I'm going with Bellenger third.

  • I mean, it's a big star night for the Dodgers.

  • I'm going with Bella third.

  • I'm going with Mookie Second, even though Mookie on any other night, it seems, in any other team any other Siri's could be first easily.

  • That could justify him being first if I needed to.

  • I'm gonna go Kershaw first, because you know how I feel about postseason pitching and starting pitching.

  • Still, I know it's the 19 fifties construct.

  • I seem to be working from about starting pitching, but I'm gonna go Kershaw first.

  • Tony, what about you?

  • So we have no disagreement.

  • That is exactly the order I would go in and what I would point out about Mookie Betts and Bellenger is they are both MVPs.

  • They're playing side by side.

  • No team has anything like that for the appreciable years to come.

  • That's gonna be really scary.

  • But let me get to Kershaw, because in the first inning I was terrified for Kershaw.

  • There was a single.

  • There was a walk.

  • I thought he got very lucky on the on the swing.

  • There wasn't even a real swing, the checked swing of Hunter Renfroe that they called him out.

  • I thought he made a great play on the swinging bunt, where he threw it 100 miles an hour.

  • Two.

  • Max Muncy that could have gone into right field.

  • Honestly, I thought he could have had three or four runs against him in the first inning.

  • I'm listening to John Smaltz in real time.

  • Say he can't get the slider where he wants it, but if he gets through this inning, he'll cruise and smokes.

  • Was 100% right, because that's what happened.

  • I was very happy that Dave Roberts Onley let him go.

  • Six on 78 inches.

  • Whatever it WAAS save him for Game five because his e r A.

  • From the seventh inning on is over seven.

  • You don't want to go down that rabbit hole.

  • I thought it was handled very well in the small said about the slider was what got me at early.

  • I think if he can't locate this thing, he's gonna have his usual Clayton Kershaw struggle.

  • Yeah, world Siri's start.

  • Let me just say this about Mookie Betts, and I understand there's a budget.

  • Most, most most teams have a budget.

  • The Red Sox.

  • It's a phony budget, cause they don't really have to have a budget.

  • But to get rid off Mookie Betts to let Mookie Betts go under any circumstance now seems like the dumbest decision off the last.

  • I don't know 3 to 5 years in baseball, maybe in all of sports, to let this guy go.

  • He is a marvel in the outfield.

  • He is everything you wanted to play.

  • He tries.

  • He gets along.

  • His teammates.

  • He's enthusiastic.

  • He is a pro's pro.

  • How dumb are the Boston Red Sox toe?

  • Let Mookie Betts go until completely right.

  • So that run that he got, you know, put the same distance between the Dodgers and the Rays after the home run by care money.

  • Five to purchase on the podcast today.

  • So I had I had to me on, and I was asking him and he said, There aren't five guys in the league that could take a secondary lead and beat that ground ball throw at the plate and Mookie Betts is one of them.

  • You're 100% letting this guy go, by the way, you don't want to hear this, but L.

  • Margot one of those five.

  • I'm just saying, Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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okay, even though he made a great catch and he put the Dodgers on top.

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How dumb were the Red Sox to trade Mookie Betts?! - Michael Wilbon | PTI

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