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  • imagine living inside this box during a coronavirus.

  • Locked down this'll is 66 year old young fangs coffin home in Hong Kong.

  • One of the most expensive cities in the world is one of 18 people crammed inside this 500 square foot apartment where social distancing is practically impossible.

  • At a time when most people are staying home to stay safe, Some of Hong Kong's poorest face a painful dilemma.

  • Is a more dangerous to sleep at home or on the street wear.

  • Maybe you can see this.

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  • Hello.

  • Hello?

  • Chilled monkey light on, Do you?

  • Yeah.

  • Uh huh.

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  • Uh, a some men.

  • Langa Langa, God on camera.

  • Evidently you just wanna hold Everybody goes home whole doesn't make you guys found Thanks has been goes home since he moved from mainland China to Hong Kong six years ago.

  • But with the city experiencing an uptick in coronavirus cases, his home has become a ticking time bomb.

  • You can just blanche 10 you know?

  • So I chose you may be a while.

  • Uh, go is one of about 200,000 people who live in partition departments.

  • Some of them are so small that they're known in Hong Kong as coffin homes.

  • These illegal homes are often the last resort for some of society's most vulnerable, including new immigrant families, the elderly, the unemployed and people with underlying health conditions.

  • They are often unhygienic, poorly ventilated and infested with pests.

  • Some apartments even have toilets in the kitchen.

  • In a recent survey of about 200 residents of these homes, half of them said they were worried that the virus might spread in their kitchens.

  • About 60% said they were worried about an outbreak at home due to poor hygiene.

  • Whoa!

  • Who works odd jobs in construction, can't afford to rent anything else.

  • A decent 200 square foot apartment can cost him his entire monthly salary of about $1300.

  • His living conditions are so bad that he even relished his two weeks in a government quarantine center in February after he came back from his hometown in mainland China.

  • Uh huh Whoa is staying put in his small room, but others have decided to sleep on empty streets instead of their crowded homes.

  • 66 year old Peter Cheung rents an apartment in the outskirts of Hong Kong, but he chooses to spend the night here instead.

  • For the past two years, the street sweeper has been finding sleep wherever he can, including McDonald's, because he thinks his home is too far from his work.

  • But now the coronavirus outbreak has given him another reason to stay clear from his busy apartment complex near the border with mainland China.

  • Powerful window being do it again that the label is I achieved that year before the outbreak, Chung used to spend his nights here.

  • He is one of the city's 400 so called Mick refugees.

  • They prefer to sleep inside McDonald's because they believe their belongings will be safe there while they sleep.

  • But in the wake of the outbreak, McDonald's has shut down its dining service at night, and while restaurants are still open, they can only operate at half capacity, while Jim's and theaters have been shuttered, the government has also banned gatherings of more than four people and barred foreign tourists.

  • The economy is already taking a toll.

  • Unemployment has hit a nine year high, and February retail sales plummeted a record 44% from last year.

  • Did you, uh uh, Ssangyong Motor Motion.

  • The time, the most high opinion.

  • You know what?

  • Move on.

  • So this Chang looks forward to the day when life returns to normal, but it's not because he wants to go home.

  • My data will come a time.

  • Mhm.

imagine living inside this box during a coronavirus.

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