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  • Hi.

  • A pal who?

  • One of the coolest toys in your house.

  • His right on your bed.

  • It's your blanket.

  • You can make a superhero cape be a skerry ghost or with the grownups.

  • Help make a fort near, boy.

  • Oh, on mind sharing this video e you can help To Phoebe, this'll is a wrench for turning bolts.

  • Smooth death fixing plunger booth we owe.

  • Does anybody have a ranch?

  • Perfect.

  • Oh, you just the cutest.

  • Oh!

  • Oh, Oh, Fluto, You shouldn't be napping here, and that's what your bed is for.

  • Could check this out.

  • Found dog posters.

  • When Phoebe is owners sees these, they'll know where to find her.

  • Who wanna help me put them up?

  • No, no, Phoebe, you've got to stay here just in case you're owner.

  • Comes to get you way.

  • Looking goofy, tiptop.

  • Terrific.

  • All this X Juncker needs now is a new set of tires.

  • Then she's ready to go.

  • Go, go on the boat to China.

  • Great.

  • Well, photo and I are going out to put up a found dog posters.

  • See you later.

  • I'm going with muffin inspires like shiny new tires.

  • Nice fixing you up, little Roadster.

  • Pete's gonna love you.

  • How bad?

  • Yeah, Yeah.

  • Wow.

  • This'll it'll pop really puts a smile on everybody's face given yours.

  • Hey, boy way.

  • You don't seem to be a fan.

  • Wait a second.

  • You're not jealous of that little pop, are you?

  • You don't think I'd ever replace you, do you?

  • Oh, oh, ah, Fluto.

  • You know you're my number one best pal.

  • Can't You always will be.

  • And when Phoebe zone er seas are found dog poster, she'll go back toe her best power.

  • Okay, boy.

  • Okay, way.


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Pluto Gets Jealous ? | Mickey Mornings | Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers | Disney Junior

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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