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  • Im mirror boil Detective.

  • And we're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • I spy with my magnifying glasses.

  • Something pretty doesn't have crystals on it.

  • And colorful.

  • I have found the perfect headband.

  • You mean anklets chicken?

  • Actually, the Rockies guys love a little closer with your magnifying glass.

  • Rocky is a type of bracelet.

  • Those Rockies you made are so beautiful.

  • Rockies are tied on the risk during a special festival called Russia Funded.

  • Why do we have here?

  • The word Russia means to protect and the word of funding means to tie.

  • And together it means to tie a knot of protection.

  • Rocky is about looking out for each other.

  • On this day, a sister ties Iraqi around her brothers wrist to celebrate their special bond.

  • My uncle is getting a special rocky from my mom.

  • But you don't need to have a brother or sister to celebrate.

  • Rex Abundance.

  • Yeah, You can tie Rocky Thio.

  • Anyone you love and care about that feels like a sibling.

  • And they promised to always be there for you.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Look at all these amazing Rockies.

  • Just the most beautiful Rocky I've ever seen Rockies are made out of red, gold and other colored threads.

  • Check out the Rockies I got so far, and you can even add sequins and beads to Rocky's, too.

  • I really wanted to sparkle, but no matter what the Rocky looks like, it always shows how much you care you've got.

  • We just solved the case of the Rocky, a special Indian tradition.

  • Happy rocky toe.

  • All of you come and solve more cases with Mirror Royal Detective on Disney Junior.

  • We're on the case.

  • Let's hear it for me.

Im mirror boil Detective.

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Rakhi | We're On the Case | Mira, Royal Detective | Disney Junior

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