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  • I'm gonna ask you a question

  • and be honest

  • Are you two dating?

  • Not really. Yes.

  • What? Summer fling.

  • Yes that evolves and grows like

  • I still don't know her it's gonna.

  • open to wherever it might lead. Anywhere.

  • And to share it... On or off.

  • With people... -But we'll always be friends.

  • No matter what

  • who are also - because we'll have these memories

  • I'm gonna go... because I have a date

  • -because we all are connected so.... Bye!

  • We are.

  • Hello. I'm Adrian and you know me as Samuel L Jackson in everything.

  • You guys are ruining my space vacation!

  • I always joke that I was your only black friend at the time.

  • That's the running joke

  • One day out of the blue. I think it was when Y'all were doing Jurassic Park...

  • And Daniel was like, "Can you do Samuel L Jackson's voice?

  • and I was like "I dont know."

  • And I went and recorded myself doing it

  • real quick

  • and sent him a copy of it

  • - I remember that!

  • And he was like "Yeah that's perfect!"

  • can you come in this day?

  • We thought you were dead!

  • Oh I see!

  • So a black arm falls on you and you just assume it's mine!

  • -now you're like our most famous voice actor

  • (laughs)

  • Which is really weird.

  • but strangely enough my students get the biggest kick out of it.

  • Oh heck no!

  • We are not going in there!

  • This is crazy!

  • They were like Neely never told us about THIS!

  • and one of them had screenshot my name in the credits.

  • And I was like I didn't know Y'all dug it like that.

  • Dang it girl you're gonna give me away!

  • I'm Nick Fury.

  • And hopefully people will quit asking me to say where is my super suit

  • in public because that's happening way too often.

  • Hey I'm Victor!

  • I'm the voice of Spider-Man for Tobey Maquire

  • From How it Should Have Ended Spider-Man 3

  • Spider-Man Tres Amigo!

  • I get to be Spider-Man yet again

  • As we do the far from home episode

  • What's it feel like to be Peter Parker again?

  • Oh it's unique!

  • I have to remember to go "Hi I'm Peter Parker"

  • I've known Daniel since highschool. Probably around 10th grade.

  • I remember when he was just messing around with VCR tapes

  • and now it's grown into this thing so it's pretty neat.

  • we call it the spider-verse

  • But yeah the multiverse is totally a thing

  • Hey. I'm Spider-Man.

  • Try one that's like "Hey drone! You ever heard of the shoulder touch?"

  • Okay.

  • Hey drone! You ever heard of the shoulder touch?

  • Well everyone who wasn't on an airplane

  • Or on a boat.

  • Or on a boat.

  • yeah.

  • I wish I could quit you.

  • I say we poke him with a stick.

  • I say we poke him with a stick.

  • Where is my super suit!

  • (laughter)

I'm gonna ask you a question

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