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  • let me bring Desmond in here first, because obviously you cover the college game for us.

  • You saw all of to his career.

  • I want to give us a look at what you expect things to look like for him now in an NFL uniforms.

  • I'll tell you what, guys.

  • I think that he's gonna bring a added dimension to their passing game because he's amazingly accurate.

  • He throws a fantastic deep ball and he was in the college.

  • You know, The play that stood out to me the most is when he really jumped on The scene is the national championship game, and they were playing Georgia now there in the red zone.

  • Right now, he can't find the open receiver.

  • Don't forget, this is over time.

  • I'm the biggest game of his life.

  • He's doing the tool.

  • He's holding the ball on too long.

  • Try to make a play happen.

  • My man.

  • Nick.

  • Saving fish.

  • Greek.

  • He's pissing.

  • Now what do we do?

  • The very next play A little bit.

  • Safety on the left hash.

  • He wants to hold them theirselves, who is looking to his right.

  • Hold him up, safety on the hat and he flips the ball down the field on his left side.

  • Devante Smith, where he wanted to go all along.

  • That was a next level play in the perfect deep ball is when the receiver does not have to break stride.

  • To catch it, he throws a great deep ball.

  • He has a wonderful receivers that could get vertical Impression Williams and Devante Parker.

  • So now I expect their office if the offensive line can hold up, and that's a big if.

  • But if they can hold up, I expect to see the Dolphins be more of a vertical passing game with two at the quarterback position guys s.

  • So I think the questions are twofold.

  • There is the question about two and how good he can be.

  • And then there's the question about the timing.

  • Ryan Clark, You've got a team that's one game out of first, and the starting quarterback is playing well.

  • Do you like the move making it right now?

  • You know, I didn't necessarily like the timing.

  • I like the way that Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing.

  • But what this told me was that Bryan Flores in the Miami Dolphins organization had a plan and it seemed that Bryan Flores has had a plan since taking over as the head coach of this team.

  • So, as Dominique said earlier, if I'm a player on that team, I accept this.

  • I understand this because of what Bryan Flores has already been as a head coach because of the respect he has already earned.

  • And so they had a plan to bring to an end.

  • They wanted him to get a week to prepare and then have another week to game plan.

  • This looks like the right move at the right time for this organization based on what they see and what they want to do.

  • Nick, you told me earlier, you believe of all the rookie quarterbacks this year.

  • He'll win the most games.

  • Will they win that division?

  • Do you give them a chance to win that division?

  • All right, Now I think that that might be a little bit off the wall, but I do think that that, too, is gonna play well because I mean, he's been working, working, working day and night to get back into this position to play, and I think that the team the team is gonna rock with him as long as they can rock with him because he's that good of a player.

  • I rock with no question about it, and I will say this.

  • And here's a controversial opinion as we look over the shoulder of Desmond Howard.

  • But I've had this fight with many people.

  • That's a better album than Thriller that is a better album than Thriller.

  • I will defend that.

  • Go ahead.

  • Feel free toe at me.

  • Off the Wall is a better album than Thriller at me.

  • Go hurt.

  • Let's have this feat see on radio today.

  • Noon will argue about this.

  • No argument if you argue about thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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let me bring Desmond in here first, because obviously you cover the college game for us.

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