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  • well went struggling against the pressure, completed just three or 14.

  • But when not pressure, he was much better.

  • Both his touchdowns came without pressure.

  • Is 317 yards without pressure, a season high, most in a win in his career.

  • And so it was not a thing of beauty, but it was a win they desperately need.

  • And they get it.

  • Ryan Clark, What is the number one most important thing you want to say coming out of this game to kick off the NFL weekend?

  • Well, first, the most exciting thing about the game was Daniel Jones falling.

  • I mean, it was the greatest fall a New Yorker was involved in since John McClane dropped Hans Gruber from the top of a building on die hard.

  • But when you look at this at the NFC East, it's just a lot of bad football.

  • It felt like I was watching a junior college game that had 25 star recruits be kicked out of their their colleges and have to play in this juco game, and sometimes they make these amazing place toe.

  • Will their teams the first dollars and touch dollars, and then you see the boneheaded things that they do that got them kicked out of the one in the first place.

  • But what it comes down to is anybody can win the NFC East.

  • And I think that's the reason that so many people are are on the Philadelphia Eagles because they believe that Carson Wentz is the greatest talent that's still left in the NFC East and that Carson Wentz can make the place that finds ways to win games that are very close because both teams are extremely bad.

  • No, it will be entertaining.

  • It will be bad football.

  • But someone will win six games.

  • And because of a tie, maybe greeny.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles can represent a very bad division in the playoffs this year.

  • Somebody has to Ninkovich.

  • I think maybe sometimes we feel like they're the one team that if they got healthy and got right, could get good.

  • When you watch the Eagles play, they get the win last night.

  • What are you seeing?

  • It doesn't matter who wins the division.

  • It doesn't matter like my take away from this game is whoever wins the division.

  • They're gonna lose in the first round of the playoffs.

  • When you look at the Eagles.

  • Yeah, we would just watch the highlights, But look, there could be a clip.

  • Justus longer the low lights, That's my take away.

  • That's a very good take away, no question about it.

  • Bart Scott, your thoughts again.

  • You host the talk show here in New York City, sort of living in this on a day to day basis Eagles Giants last night.

  • I tell you what, this reminds me of coming to America when he falls down down the stairs and he says, Rinse, do don't be pulling that falling down the stairs crap.

  • Because Howie Roseman has really made Mawr transactions than any general manager in previous years.

  • And now this team is the rents do they've been, you know, really spending like they on the credit card.

  • There's $64 million over the cap next year, and this team is old and a lack of talent, and I think that they're gonna have you know, this is their best and last opportunity to be relevant before they have to rebuild.

  • And just very quickly, before I move on, I just You made me laugh at the end of the highlight.

  • What did you call Daniel Jones.

  • Jones is way.

  • Talk about guys who can't have ball security Junior Whopper hands because, you know, you know, if he if he doesn't have two hands on the ball, just comes out and we call it burping the baby because he's sitting there patent and patting the ball.

  • And you have to understand that you have a horrible offensive line.

  • Get the ball out of your hands.

  • Junior Whopper.

  • You don't have those Big Ben Roethlisberger.

  • Double clutch pump fake hold onto the rock.

  • Just just to be clear, you say junior whopper because his hands aren't big enough to hold a whole What?

  • You can't hold a whole whopper Junior Whopper.

  • You gotta get to junior Whopper.

  • You can't get one.

  • What?

  • I needed a laugh to start my morning.

  • You provided that.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

well went struggling against the pressure, completed just three or 14.

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