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  • All right, let's take a deeper look here at the Warriors, who have the number two pick in the draft.

  • Here's ESPN way too early power rankings, and they have.

  • The Golden State Warriors has the six best team going into next season and only the fifth best team too early in the Western Conference.

  • Exactly this way too early behind the Lakers, Clippers, Denver Nuggets and the Dallas Mavericks.

  • The Big Three of Steph, Clay and Draymond are all in their thirties now Play.

  • Thompson hasn't played in a game since his injury in the 2019 finals, and this roster has had a lot of turnover since their last championship run.

  • So, Paul, you expect the Warriors to be at their dominant level again?

  • Well, I think it's all gonna communicate what they do with this draft pick.

  • If they could turn this draft pick and say maybe a tray with Wiggins toe acquire another All Star or All Star caliber player, then yes, they could get back into contention.

  • And the name that comes to mind that I think I mean, if you could look at somebody on the Eastern Conference if they could find a way to trade the number two pick for Wiggins and possibly get a guy like Vucevic's who I think could go in there and then fit right in amongst their guards.

  • He gives them a download presence.

  • He could knock down shots.

  • I mean, maybe, you know, he doesn't fit into their future plans in Orlando.

  • That's a guy that I could say he'll fit right in with Golden State.

  • If they could do that, then yes.

  • But if not, they'll be right where you know we have him ranked in there.

  • That that middle pack 56 in the Western Conference.

  • I'm gonna be honest, George.

  • I don't think dominance returns for Golden State.

  • I think now they're just one of the pack and number six.

  • To me, that's not dominant.

  • That's one of the pack, and that's cool.

  • And here's a big reason why be everyone focused on Golden State success around the Big Three or the Big Four.

  • When Durant was there and that's right, those guys were really good.

  • The thing that we never talked about was the supporting cast.

  • The supporting cast was so deep and so experienced and talented guys like Iguodala and Andrew Bogut and David Weston, Leandro Barbosa and Shaun Livingston, these air higher caliber role players than you see in most NBA teams.

  • And that's what really made them super hard to beat beyond their top level talent.

  • Now what they are is gonna be a really good team that's in contention.

  • And that's I believe that's whether they keep the pick or trade the pick unless we're talking about Ah Yanis Antonio Campo type trade.

  • But absence someone like that coming to Golden State, I think they're just gonna be one of those.

  • Teams will go to conference finals one year.

  • Maybe when you make the finals, maybe we'll win a championship.

  • The dominance.

  • I just don't see it happening anymore.

  • Yeah, that's a great point, particularly about the role players that you mentioned.

  • I mean, you're talking about high level high, I Q type guys and look, they're not gonna beat themselves.

  • And they already had the three stars that they were playing with.

  • But let me ask you this, Paul, about those three guys specifically, what do you expect to see out of them?

  • I think that there's still some what I mean.

  • I think we think Steph is going to still be Steph Curry, but, you know, plays coming off a serious injury.

  • We know he can shoot the heck out of the ball.

  • But where does his athleticism go with that particular injury and what to expect from dream on?

  • Like, what do you expect from those three guys?

  • They're gonna feel in their roles, like they did before the injuries.

  • I mean, Clay never really relied on athleticism.

  • I mean, we've seen a guy scored 60 points off, what?

  • Seven dribbles, but defensively, he had to move around.

  • I mean, absolutely.

  • But, you know, you lose a step on defense, the older you get.

  • I mean, he's not gonna be that great defender.

  • He was coming off injury.

  • He'll be a solid defender, you know, I expect step to be step, especially with a year off of rest getting his body, uh, to repair and come back fresh on Draymond.

  • He's gonna fill in the gaps like he did before.

  • You know, he's not.

  • He's not the star everybody thought he was.

  • When he's out there by itself, and everybody expects him to score 2010 rebounds, 10 assists without Clay and Steph.

  • But he's gonna fill in that road nicely with these guys back and you know they'll be fine when you got three caliber players like those guys, you know they're gonna be good and very good.

  • I mean, those three guys, what do you think there that I think they'll be fine.

  • They fit one another so perfectly and they know each other's games.

  • I think that's not the issue again.

  • I hate the harp on it, but when you look at the rest of that roster, it's a lot of young players who have never won in this league, starting with Wigan's all the way down.

  • And so you're not just expecting those three guys to be themselves and be great, But they also have to raise basically a crop of Children and teach them how to plan, how to play winning Warriors basketball.

  • And that's a process.

  • I'm not saying it's not gonna happen.

  • I'm just saying it doesn't happen overnight.

  • Those guys have a lot to learn, and so you're asking the victory to be teachers as well as producers and that that could be tough.

  • Yeah, a lot of hand holding.

  • There's no question about that.

All right, let's take a deeper look here at the Warriors, who have the number two pick in the draft.

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