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  • well, Dave Roberts literally drew it up.

  • Well, this is exactly what he would have drawn up Tim Kurkjian Mark to share.

  • He got a great start from Clayton Kershaw, who in game ones in the postseason had not been very good.

  • In fact, his record was under 500 but he looked like he was possessed in this thing.

  • Yeah, he was great.

  • We went into this game thinking that Clayton Kershaw had to throw his slider.

  • Yeah, and, you know, throw it effectively down in the zone, gets, um, strikes gets, um, strikeouts.

  • That's exactly what he did.

  • It started with good fastball command, but then you see, these Rays hitters had no chance hitting that slider.

  • And when Clayton Kershaw's right, he's mixing in the fastball and slider and keeping hitters off balance.

  • That's the best I've seen him throw in three years, and we said the same thing after we struck out 13 against the Brewers in the first game of the wildcard Siri's in this postseason.

  • He's got 25 innings pitched, three walks and 31 strikeout.

  • Tonight he had 19 swings and misses, and of the 38 times they swung at the ball.

  • They missed it 19 times.

  • That's the greatest rate of any outing in his career of 25 or more pitches.

  • And, as Text said, he struck out 87 with that slider, they had no chance.

  • This is a race team that swings and misses.

  • Ah, lot.

  • I mean, that is one thing that they hit homers and they swing and miss a lot.

  • Kershaw threw 31 fastballs.

  • He threw 35 sliders.

  • He threw 12 curveballs.

  • Seven of his eight strikeouts come on sliders.

  • So his strength plays to a weakness of the race.

  • It does this.

  • This race team has had a great season.

  • They've scored some runs, but the problem is they don't have the depth in their lineup.

  • If they're not getting home runs and a couple walks and and really kind of put in the game together like that, 72% of runs scored.

  • This playoffs have been via home run.

  • If they're not getting walks in home runs, they're not gonna score.

  • Clayton Kershaw is gonna walk people.

  • That's one thing about play.

  • He's gonna come after you, and then with that location, they work in a string 234 hits together and they working to get the ball out of the ballpark 30,000 ft above.

  • If you're just new to the game, you look at and say, Wow, one team looks just Mawr expensive and they are $200 million more expensive than the race.

  • And it showed in the fifth inning.

  • The talent that the Dodgers put out there and the things that they did to get it going.

  • The game change right there.

  • Well, Tyler Glass not went into that fifth inning already, having a little bit of shaky command.

  • And then when you go into that fifth, the Dodgers made him pay.

  • They weren't swinging at balls, and if you look at how it unraveled here for the Rays, they're only down 2 to 1.

  • But you have a leadoff walk to Mookie Betts.

  • First of all, that's a problem, because he's so fast, he could do things on the basis.

  • Then Seeger walks.

  • Now you have 1st and 2nd nobody out.

  • They steal, get to 2nd, 3rd, and this is just kind of a routine ground ball.

  • But because of bet's speed, he gets tow home, and now it's 1st and 3rd 1 out and we're just rolling Will Smith with a line drive to center field on a 32 pitch.

  • At this point in the game, you're saying You know what?

  • I don't think that the race can even score enough runs to get back in.

  • And we were confused why Glass now was left into to throw 112 pitches.

  • That's the most he's ever thrown in any start.

  • It's the most of any Rays pitcher this year and the most of any picture in this postseason and clearly hit struggle with that curveball, no matter how great it was.

  • He bounced it a dozen times tonight.

  • He just wasn't himself, and they're the first team to go get Charlie Morton after 66 pitches, and it just didn't seem to follow that.

  • You would leave him in for 100.

  • Didn't and Kevin Cash that after we thought that glass, that was our best chance to get a strikeout.

  • He has so many strikeout guys in the bullpen that weren't ready.

  • It was Yarborough he brought in, but he got a lot of guys that could get strikeout.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

well, Dave Roberts literally drew it up.

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