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  • general public in Tourism Win streak and direct of a born into a family, flown the hotel in a small coastal town.

  • They grew up under the same conditions and dream together about their future.

  • The world was an open playground for them.

  • Eric wanted to teach and travel the world.

  • Rita dreamed about a business career and hope to take over the family business one day.

  • Once they school years over, they had to make decisions about their futures.

  • As the father was to walk around the hotel, he handed it over to his son Erica, to forget his dreams about being a teacher and exploring the world.

  • Rita helped her mother to keep the hotel clean, worked in the service and the restaurant after school here, You just still the same, and her parents didn't let her leave home to study him.

  • While she was working, she realized that 70% of their in place where female and most of them were performing on the low paid chops such as cleaning, cooking and service, understanding more about gender equality issues sure on that.

  • This situation applies to the global tourism sector and gender of quality and empowering women is one of you and sustainable goals.

  • Meanwhile, the situation at the hotel didn't go well.

  • Eric was not interested in running the company in their business.

  • Started failing, he had to ask Great of a help.

  • So she took over the hotel.

  • Eric was finally able to make his dream through and created an online teaching platform to travel and work.

  • At the same time, Rita was happy to run the company for her business.

  • She wanted to contribute toe women's empowerment, provide equal opportunities for men and women and improve the working conditions of their in place.

  • Through her passion and hard work, she reduced inequalities and involved dreaming in decision making processes, making the hotel successful.

  • Many women finally got the chance to apply their knowledge and experience and received opportunities to create the career fair wages and equal opportunities highly increased motivation off the hotel in place.

  • Women in the company are no longer afraid to go on maternity leave amongst their job.

  • They still can be a part of the workforce, even after having a child to return to your hotel or one of the best examples off women empowerment and tourism and implementing gender equality on national and global levels.

general public in Tourism Win streak and direct of a born into a family, flown the hotel in a small coastal town.

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Gender Equality in Tourism

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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