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  • Never before in all of human history has there existed as many people at one time as today.

  • The most recent population estimates conducted in October 2018 have concluded that 7.7 billion of us exist across the planet

  • 60 percent of us are living in Asia.Another 16 percent of us are living in Africa.

  • 10 percent are living in Europe,while only 7.5 percent of us live in North America

  • And 5.5 percent of us live in South America

  • But when you go back in time to 1800 and see that the world population was only 1 billion people back then,it begs the question as to why so many more people exist today than existed in the past.

  • How many more people can we expect to have in the future, and what kind of problems might that bring along

  • To answer these questions,it's important to look back through history for some context.

  • The last time the world population shrunk was the period between 1200 and 1400;largely due to the Mongol conquest in Asia and the Black Death in Europe

  • Which killed of up to half of that continent's population

  • In 1340,the world population stood at around 450 million people.

  • But by 1400 it had dwindled down to just 350 million

  • It took the entire world nearly 2 centuries to gain back its pre-1340 population.

  • But from 1500 on,the population has been continously growing

  • It was slow,at first.Humanity first reached half a billion people sometime in the 16th century.

  • And didn't achieve a full billion until 1804

  • It took us over 200,000 years of human history to reach 1 billion people being alive at the same time.

  • But the next billion would happen much more rapidly.

  • 2,000,000,000 people was achieved only 123 years later,in 1927.

  • And then,it took only 33 more years to hit 3,000,000,000

  • And 14 years from there to hit 4 billion

  • By 2024,the world population will likely hit 8 billion.

  • So clearly,based on this graph, something during the 19 and 20th centuries that caused our population to explode

  • But if you look carefully you can actually notice three major population jumps over the span of the past few thousand years.

  • This most recent one just happens to be the largest

  • Each of these jumps coincides with a major leap in technology.

  • The first,was the toolmaking revolution.

  • Which allowed primitive humans to hunt more efficiently and give them greater access to higher calorie foods,like animal meat.

  • An increase in the amount of high calorie food led to a gradual population boom for the species.

  • The second population jump happened during the time of the agricultural revolution,10 thousand years ago.

  • When humans first began to transition away from hunting and gathering and towards farming

  • This even further increased the amount of food available,and therefore allowed for the development of cities and civilizations,which of course meant more people.

  • The final,and most significant leap though,was the industrial revolution.

This video is made possible by squarespace .Start building your website for free at

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Why are SO Many People Alive Today?

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