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  • well.

  • The impact of the pandemic continues to affect jobs.

  • The latest figures show that the U.

  • K unemployment rate has risen to its highest level for more than three years.

  • The Office for National Statistics says that the rate increase to 4.5% between June and August, with younger workers the hardest hit on the prospect of tough local restrictions could bring more hardship again, a czar, economics editor Faisal Islam, reports.

  • Now here in Harrogate, the music has stopped playing.

  • Employers such as this nightclub operator who had held out over firing workers, has now had to make the toughest of decisions.

  • It was without question, the hardest professional decision I've ever taken in nearly 40 years in this industry.

  • Onda reason being I've been through two or three recessions previously where we had to mix stuff, redundant things, time.

  • We were in a position that we have to tell people that were gonna lose their jobs because we simply won't allow by law to open, not because the business is weren't viable, not because the customers didn't want the product.

  • They were sacrificing themselves for the public health agenda.

  • This is what's driving up rising joblessness.

  • The unemployment rate at 4.5% is it a three year high, though still relatively low by international.

  • On historic standards, the number of redundancies was up over the same period by a record as the furlough scheme began to be unwound.

  • Redundancies are at their highest level since the financial crisis.

  • There were some silver linings.

  • Government support in August helps his surgeon vacancies on workers on company Payrolls stabilize slightly up still over 600,000 down on March.

  • Joblessness has jumped on this set to surge further in the coming months.

  • It is one side of a complicated on concerning balancing act between protecting lives on lively hoods on whatever happens with lockdowns.

  • This tight rope is here to stay over the coming months and that means very tricky decisions on jobs for employers right now, the International Monetary Fund warned today of the lasting damage from the pandemic to all major economies here.

  • The governor of the Bank of England told MPs that some jobs will not return.

  • It increases the importance off the need to ensure that people can move jobs, retrain, gather, get new skills, get skills to match the direction in which the changes something when the government say.

  • Back in Harrogate, Kim, a back office worker in the nightclub business, fears even the new two thirds wage support policy is not enough.

  • I can't pay a decreased amount of my bells on How is my employer supposed to pay?

  • My and I am pension with no income.

  • How's it affected?

  • Things generally, Um, I feel stressful.

  • The time and it's awful.

  • It is not good for my well being.

  • Three way balancing act of lives.

  • Livelihoods on the limits of government support is now going to be with us for some months.

  • Faisal Islam, BBC News.


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UK job losses soar with younger workers hardest hit - BBC News

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