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  • Antarctica is a land of extremes

  • and it's got an incredible grand scale.

  • So it's very difficult to try and capture it with images.

  • Being a National Geographic photographer

  • creates an opportunity for me to document the world

  • and you don't know what you're going to uncover.

  • You are going into the unknown.

  • There's always a bit of nervous excitement.

  • To get to Antarctica we have to get across one of the

  • most treacherous crossings on the planet

  • which is the Drake Passage.

  • Antarctica is other-worldly.

  • Big mountain ranges

  • and endless seas of ice.

  • And it's a challenging place to document

  • because it feels like you can never really do it justice.

  • I'm trying to showcase this land of extremes.

  • How every single flake of snow

  • counts towards building that incredible landscape.

  • It's strange to think that something so light

  • can compact over thousands of years

  • and trap so much history in the glacier.

  • I like to be as prepared as I can be

  • but I want to leave myself open to

  • inspiration from the environment.

  • So the calving just happened and it's created a wave

  • and we can see it push up all the ice on to the beach.

  • There's these kind of beautiful coincidences that happen

  • and that's when those really special images

  • tend to eventuate.

  • I find that the colours in Antarctica

  • pull you out of yourself.

  • Yet it is the most present that we get to be.

  • You can see quite a lot of water pouring out of the glacier

  • We all know that Antarctica is deeply impacted

  • by climate change.

  • And I want to try and showcase that fragility

  • through the macro and the micro.

  • You can hear the ice releasing the air bubbles

  • and it sounds like popcorn.

  • So we are recording underwater

  • because most of the iceberg is under the surface

  • so this is going to give us a bit of a glimpse.

  • That was on Ultra Steady as well.

  • It's an electric feeling to

  • see these images that I have envisioned

  • and to suddenly see them come to life.

  • He's collecting all the little rocks

  • and he's creating a nest.

  • What I really love, especially with nature, is that

  • it reveals itself gently and a little bit by bit.

  • I think a big part of my work is

  • uncovering those moments.

  • When I capture an image that I feel like

  • encapsulates that moment.

  • It's a feeling of coming home.

Antarctica is a land of extremes

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