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  • no, Jeff Bezos did not announce a new fire phone, but Amazon did just hold an event where they announced a whole bunch of new devices.

  • Amazon is not streaming the event, but we're here to wrap it up for you.

  • Is it?

  • The first product Amazon showed off was the echo dot with clock?

  • It's just like the echo dot but with L.

  • E.

  • D.

  • S to display things like time, temperature and alarms.

  • It's priced at 59 99 is now available for pre order on Amazon.

  • And speaking of eco, Amazon is adding another voice to its Alexa assistant, Samuel L.

  • Jackson.

  • He'll tell jokes, set alarms and do everything else the Alexa assistant already does.

  • It'll come in two versions.

  • Explicit, non explicit.

  • The regular echo is also getting an update.

  • The new eco model will come with the same sound system as the Echo plus, plus a three inch will, for it also comes in a fabric design and in colors like charcoal heather, gray sandstone and twilight blue.

  • The new third generation echo will cost the same as the previous year's second Gen model.

  • 99 bucks from their Amazon announced a whole new product, the eco studio.

  • It's a smart speaker with three D audio like Dolby Atmos.

  • The eco studio uses built in microphones to calibrate and model the room around you and adjust the speaker accordingly to create the best sound, no matter where it's place.

  • It has multiple speakers to create directional sound and a five and a quarter inch bass driver.

  • It can connect with four K fire TVs.

  • It costs $200 and you can preorder it now.

  • Next came a new eco show, The Echo Show eight.

  • It's a lot like the previous Echo show, but this one comes with an eight inch HD display and costs $130.

  • Look at this thing.

  • It's the echo glow, a small lamp that changes color.

  • It doesn't have Alexa built in, but it does connect with devices like the echo dot.

  • Instead, it has different modes, like dance party and flickering campfire.

  • Amazon says it will ship in time for the holidays, and it costs $30.

  • Amazon's mesh router Line zero is also getting an upgrade.

  • Alexa can now manage WiFi access with commands like turn on the guest WiFi and pause the WiFi for dinner.

  • The new era launches today, and it's $99 or you can get it in a three pack for $249.

  • The next unveiling was the Echo Flex, looking a little bit like a glade plug in.

  • This tiny device serves as an access point for other smart home devices like smart sensors and night lights, and it also has Alexa built in.

  • It also has a USB port to charge your phone and other devices, and it's available for pre order.

  • Now, at $25 Amazon's ring stick up camera is getting an upgrade.

  • The new model can run indoors and out off its battery or plugged into a wall, and it is available for pre order now at $100.

  • Also being added to the ring lineup is the ring indoor cam.

  • It'll have most of the features that the other ring cans dio, but this one will cost $60.

  • Of course, it would not be an Amazon event without some interesting home products.

  • Amazon did not disappoint when it showed off the Amazon smart oven Ah, combination microwave oven, air fryer and food warmer just Ask Alexa to cook common foods using already loaded presets, and she'll tell you when they're finished or when it's just time to start a little bit.

  • The oven is available for preorder.

  • Now it's $250 and we'll ship with a bonus echo dot after talking about Amazon Sidewalk, a new low band with network used to extend the distance needed to control simple devices like smart lights, Amazon announced.

  • Fetch attached to your dog's collar.

  • Fetch uses sidewalk toe.

  • Let you know if your dog's left a certain area.

  • It's gonna be available next year.

  • Finally, Amazon showed off the long rumored echo buds.

  • Echo buds offer access to Alexa but will require a phone toe work.

  • The buds themselves have five hours of battery life, but with the case, you get 23 earbuds, have bows, active noise reduction technology and can also access Siri or the Google assistant on your phone.

  • Echo buds are available for pre order now for $130 and they'll start shipping in October.

  • Amazon then showed off a couple products from its Day one editions lineup.

  • The Day one editions.

  • Air products made in limited volume, with the goal being to get feedback from customers before they go all in and make more the first day.

  • One edition is echo frames.

  • Alexa enabled glasses.

  • They don't have a camera or a display.

  • They are solely made to talk to Alexa Thea.

  • Other day.

  • One edition is the echo loop on Alexa enabled Smart Ring.

  • It has two microphones, a built in speaker and a haptic engine so you can feel the vibrations from notifications and confirmations.

  • Echo frames will be available for $180 during its invite period, and Equal Oop will be available for $100 during its invite period.

  • And both will ship later this year.

  • And that was what Amazon showed off today.

  • If there's anything that you're super excited about or disappointed they didn't show off, let us know in the comments.

no, Jeff Bezos did not announce a new fire phone, but Amazon did just hold an event where they announced a whole bunch of new devices.

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