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  • What are you doing, son?

  • Pouncing.

  • Let an old pro show you how it's done.

  • Zazu turn around!

  • Simba is practicing his pouncing skills.

  • Pouncing! Oh no, sire! You can't be serious!

  • This is so humiliating

  • What are you telling him?

  • Mufasa?

  • Simba?

  • RAWR!


  • (CHOMP)

  • Simba!

  • Did you just eat Zazu?!

  • Yes

  • (burp)

  • Circle of life right?

  • I suppose we are Lions after all


  • It's true.

  • Simba what have you done?

  • It was an accident

  • The wildebeest and...

  • Nobody means for these things to happen

  • But the king is dead

  • and if it weren't for you, he'd still be alive.

  • That's not how I saw it!

  • Simba step away from your uncle!

  • Dad!

  • Your uncle is the reason I died!

  • Wait, Dad! You just told me that when we die, we turn into the grass

  • Why are you in the clouds?

  • Never mind that right now Simba.

  • Your uncle threw me into the Stampede!

  • and is a real jerk!

  • What no!

  • I would never do that!

  • Simba are you okay?!

  • Mufasa?!

  • Mom! Scar killed Dad!

  • No I didn't!

  • Uh yes he did!

  • I was there.

  • Ummm.

  • What are you doing here, Sarabi?

  • I'm his mother!

  • A mama is always near the cubs! duh!

  • Well not close enough in this instance.

  • Oh! That's big talk from the dead lion king!

  • I'm just saying maybe this wouldn't have happened

  • If you kept a closer eye on your, son.

  • Why didn't you just run in the direction of the Stampede you big smart King?

  • I...

  • Oh Great!

  • See if you would have been around, Scar would never had the chance to kill me.

  • Mufasa's dead?

  • What?

  • Yeah! Scar killed him!

  • Lets get him!

  • That's right you better run!

  • And don't come back!

  • I am so gonna haunt that lion!

  • Rawr!

  • Bow before me!

  • Simba it's too soon.

  • I told you I couldn't wait!

  • This lion does NOT wanna Hakuna Matata with us!

  • Oh I'm so hungry!

  • He's gonna eat me!

  • Come back!

  • Run Pumba! Run for my life!

What are you doing, son?

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How The Lion King Should Have Ended

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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