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  • What's funny is that what the hell just happened?

  • What?

  • Americans weren't winning the space race from the start.

  • The Russians are sprinting around the track and we are still at the starting block, tying our shoe laces.

  • ASA was in its infancy a large goal like Project Mercury.

  • It seems like science fiction.

  • It seems like something that is insurmountable.

  • Way need to work fast.

  • We need to work smart.

  • Our very way of life is at stake.

  • You gentlemen are accustomed to testing dangerous, unproven aircraft.

  • And yet you've made it this far in one piece.

  • These guys that went up that were treated as heroes, they were just regular people.

  • There was a lot of very, very young men in their twenties who were just trying to get something up on its legs.

  • In doing so with an incredible amount of success, considering how an experience they were and how little they actually truly had at their disposal.

  • Yeah.

  • Welcome, gentlemen, to the Center for Human Space Exploration, where the planes putting a man into space when making a long distance phone call was virtually impossible.

  • The tenacity They had to be able to do that all at the risk of a man's life all while the entire world is watching.

  • How incredible it waas that these people did this.

  • There was a lot of making it up as you go.

  • Where are we on the procedures manual?

  • We don't have any procedure.

  • We will have procedures when you write the manual.

  • There were a lot of people trying to figure out What do we even need?

  • What are the systems?

  • What is this?

  • We have a public launch of a test rocket in four days.

  • If we don't get these procedures down cold, we really could blow up Titusville.

  • But for NASA and for America, any of our setbacks are rockets keep exploding.

  • Congress thinks where the biggest money pit in the nation's history, any of embarrassment that the Russians would have him probably did cover up.

  • We let the entire world see the Russians are flying clear to the moon.

  • You guys can't even get a rocket off.

  • The manned space program was a stand in for ah, larger struggle between two nations in two sets of ideas T minus 10 seconds.

  • Nice.

  • Hey, seven.

  • The entire impetus of NASA was exploration.

  • We wanted to go further.

  • You look around and the globe is totally explored.

  • And what do you do?

  • You look up.

  • This opportunity presents itself and they have to see if they do indeed have the right stuff, right?

What's funny is that what the hell just happened?

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Getting NASA Off the Ground | The Right Stuff

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