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  • You ready?

  • Calla lily, carnation, daisy

  • Silently chase away your worries

  • Chrysanthemum, kalanchoe

  • Become your shield whenever you fall asleep

  • I cried out

  • Please don't leave me behind, leave me behind

  • So you held me tight

  • And said I will be just fine, I will be just fine

  • I will be just fine

  • Petals dance for our valediction

  • And synchronize to your frozen pulsation

  • Take me to where your soul may live in peace

  • Final destination

  • Touch of your skin sympathetically brushed against

  • The shoulders you used to embrace

  • Sparkling ashes drift along your flames

  • And softly merge into the sky

  • Lisianthus

  • Aroma drags me out of where I was

  • Cream rose, stargazer, iris

  • Construct the map that helps me trace your steps

  • Zipped my mouth

  • I just keep climbing up, keep climbing up

  • Justify our vows

  • I know you are right above, you are right above

  • you are right above

  • Look now

  • I'm on the top of your world, top of your world

  • My darling

  • Here I come, I yell

  • And take a leap to Hell

  • Swirling wind sings for our reunion

  • And nine point eight is my acceleration

  • Take me to where our souls may live in peace

  • Our brand new commencement

  • Touch of your lips compassionately pressed against

  • The skull that you used to cherish

  • Delicate flesh decomposes off my rotten bones

  • And softly merge into the sky

You ready?

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B2 H-INT merge softly fine climbing peace sky

Mili - Nine Point Eight

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    Amy.Lin   posted on 2020/10/24

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