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  • that's changing.

  • Sore under the judge and a human way.

  • Basketball spiritually Homeland Street booth to attend Sunday.

  • Every summer, players from all over the country gathered to compete in the legendary Sunday Sunset Street booth that you know you go, will you.

  • Also known as more Free, is the catalyst with feverish atmospheric doctor, and he has been spreading the street bullfighting costume tied up for the past 15 years.

  • Wait a come on that way, taking a more relaxed approach to some of pro basketball's rules and regulations.

  • Streetball prioritizes style on entertainment.

  • Games run short and sharp players sub in and out from the crowd.

  • It's physical trash.

  • Talking is endorsed on big personalities.

  • A welcome Generally, There's no money on players.

  • Sweat it out for bragging rights and street cred.

  • Your face conduct more friendly kind of 19.

  • So you kind of a, uh for a e o E o e NATO.

  • And what they don't talk more later.

  • You want the O With a hunger for the game, the basketball obsessed youth jumped at any opportunity to test his abilities and improve in high school.

  • More free gained notoriety around China when videos of him went viral, challenging visiting MBA stars to some one on one.

  • A friendly exchanges on court gain more free fans and critics alike.

  • Some slam ease attempts to take on the best as misguided in area.

  • Uh, E e e E.

  • Yeah, you know what?

  • Your brother?

  • Yeah, Like it or not, the Beijing native is a street ball legend in China.

  • His hard work on court is only matched by his efforts to support grassroots basketball off the court.

  • More free has been touring the country with these high energy streetball contests for the past 15 years.

  • Dong Dan Sunday Sunset Tournament in Beijing is the indisputable highlight of the song.

  • With atmosphere is festive, the next generation of talent takes to court.

  • First, there's the obligatory slam dunk contest a day communities with more free on a select few battling it out on the lights, choosing Buddha Vella by the how far down that road, essentially the noise generated around the tournament had Nike lining up to sponsor future event TV producers wanted a piece of the action on devised a reality TV Siri's cold dumping China on.

  • Now, with the rise of social media influences more free on other talented straight bowlers are getting a living from ads and sponsorship deals.

  • UH, just artist, and that's the media.

  • $5 well at all.

  • Mhm male Thio in 2000 and 18 more free had the opportunity to go pro.

  • He became the first of a street bowler to sign with a professional team.

  • Three ju hi Wolf Warriors who play in the Southeast Asian Basketball League.

  • But it was short lived.

  • He quit after two months on, posted a cryptic message about how his idolized world of basketball had seemingly collapsed.

  • General what overall?

  • Your mother, no less revered a star of Chinese streetball, is back on his home court, playing on his own terms.

  • You the you know, Landau Padova Kinda.

  • What?

  • Yeah, yeah.

that's changing.

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Meet China’s Undisputed Street Basketball King

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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