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  • Hello.

  • Oh, now that schools are closed for 80% of students worldwide, families and educators are struggling to continue lessons without a classroom.

  • How do you spell bear B E A R?

  • But some members of Brooklyn's Hasidic community were experts in distance learning long before coronavirus.

  • Hi, girls.

  • How are you?

  • How's everybody today?

  • The Negri International Jewish Online School has provided remote education for Jewish families since 2000 and six.

  • Yeah, I'm gonna put on a tie timer.

  • I'm gonna give you tools.

  • You have 917 students in our program, and 126 of those students are new.

  • Since the pandemic, they've started sharing their tools and methods since mid March, when New York City closed the public school system the largest in the world.

  • And we had 1200 schools viewing that video tutorial about how to set up a school virtually as she over here.

  • See this, You could move it around, you could bring it to the bottom.

  • You could make it full screen like that.

  • It's difficult to quantify the numbers of phone calls As every member of our staff was receiving them.

  • Some of their personal lines, some through the office.

  • I would estimate that it's somewhere near the 1000 number and my thought was okay.

  • How can we help them?

  • The school was set up to serve the Children of Habad emissaries or schlocky, who set up Jewish communal life in areas where it has lapsed or has never been established.

  • In Aruba.

  • We have in the Virgin Islands we have in the Amazon rainforest.

  • We have classes going on from 3 a.m. To 9 18 hours a day, and I have four of my Children on it for many hours.

  • My oldest, actually started when he was 3.5 years old, has been hunted ever since.

  • Instructors who also lived throughout the world, teach Torah, Talmud and Hebrew language students Start young.

  • We were the first school to ever have four year olds learning online.

  • They joined as a class every day, the four year olds and they continue all the way through eighth grade, where they graduate elementary school.

  • Through our program, Erica Riley provides therapy for infants and toddlers with special needs, a job she normally needs to perform in person.

  • When social distancing made that impossible she got a suggestion from some longtime clients, and they advised me to call.

  • The shook him online service, and that's where I got to speak TOC.

  • He kind of walked me through everything.

  • He sent me videos and tutorials.

  • He's been on a running, um, text with me and also phone calls.

  • But online learning requires one major tool that is out of reach.

  • Too many millions of students in the US don't have Internet access at home, but when it opened 15 years ago, the Negri school didn't rely on the Internet at all.

  • So in the early early days we had groups of ages, Children coming together and they were learning on the phone.

  • Today they've developed their own platform and have made it available to schools affected by coronavirus closures.

  • Zoom is free, but I felt that this was something that was much better suited for simulating a classroom environment.

  • This is Ah, classroom, and right here this is the content area where a teacher could upload like a power point.

  • It was a very big adjustment for our teachers, you know, the first day was, as they say, was murdered on the third day, one of teachers actually said, You know, I really like this.

  • And the Negri schools long track record offers hope the students can and will adjust to this way of learning.

  • There's a lot that can be gained from this, and it's and it's phenomenal.

  • And it's a happy place.

  • A school is alive.

  • It works beautifully.

  • You keep coming by.

  • Okay, girls, let's get right back.

  • You all looking amazing job.


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How Hasidic Jews Are Helping Schools Teach Online

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