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  • unlike any other sport, that sport.

  • I mean, they could find ways to get rid of 99% of the dudes in the league and nobody would notice.

  • So I can't blame them for so much.

  • The issue is Mike McCarthy and his staff.

  • And let me tell you all something.

  • Last quote.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if it continues to nosedive, and I'm not saying it will because they got a week schedule.

  • But if it continues to know Dive, I wouldn't be surprised if Mike McCarthy is five before this season's and it won't do a damn thing because it's not the coach and it's not the players.

  • It's the owner.

  • Slash gm.

  • That's right.

  • I'm going right back to that.

  • Why?

  • Because they're the ones doing the drafting.

  • They're putting the coaching staff in place to develop.

  • And their sense was this team is ready to win.

  • Look at this talent we've assembled.

  • It's the head coach failed on two levels.

  • If talking about Jason Garrett won the play calling right like you draft Ezekiel Elliott fourth overall, he exceeds the expectations.

  • If anything, you have a great offensive line and you're pumping from midfield instead of going for it on fourth and one stuff like that.

  • Okay, that's you know that's not gonna fly.

  • And especially in the modern NFL.

  • And the other thing was the CEO ing of it all.

  • Jason Garrett wasn't the right CEO for the job, but Mike McCarthy, he said he's knows the analytics now.

  • He didn't pay attention to them before, but now he understands he must pay attention to them.

  • And that's a CEO of an organization looking.

  • He's a Super Bowl champion and the Green Bay Packers to the frozen tundra, right?

  • And he was presided over this for a long time.

  • So he's the right guy to put in place because damn it, we have the players know you don't.

  • The reason that we always overvalue or overestimate the value of the Cowboys players is because they're the most covered team, so we're familiar with them.

  • We could name their whole offensive line and the offensive line deserved it.

  • But what other team can you name so many players on that?

  • You know by name in the NFL, the average fan as the Cowboys, because they're covered constantly and so they're a little bit overvalued as players asked on both sides of the ball know the owner who, keeping himself as GM, is not assembling as much talent as he thinks he is.

  • This team was not as ready as he thought they were, and it wasn't just a knish.

  • You of getting the best kind of CEO feeling kind of coach who claims he knows analytics but really won't get the credit if you if they win, Jerry would get the credit if they win.

  • But really, Jerry knows he could push around because he has very limited leverage because he was not in high demand.

  • That's the problem.

  • The owner slash gm Jerry Jones.

  • No, listen, this is an organizational failure on all three levels players, coaches and ownership.

  • Very much like this.

  • Defense is a failure on all three levels.

  • Frontline, linebacking corps Secondary.

  • Now, when you look at this team, of course, the players are going to stick together.

  • I mean, this is as old as varsity blues.

  • What happened?

  • Mocks Twitter.

  • Billy Bob Lance.

  • They all start together.

  • It was Coach Kilmer that was outside pulling his pants up, standing next to a statue of himself outside the high school so you know that those guys are going to stick together.

  • But even if the player stick together, Yes, Stephen A.

  • You could coach effort.

  • But you know what?

  • You gotta give effort and you can coach it up and tell me where the X's and O's are supposed to fit.

  • But I have to be there.

  • And then who would have ever thought that having a sleep over wasn't the way to pick a coach?

  • Yes, Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy had a sleep over.

  • Two very grown adult men decided to do their business deal to do their interview at a sleepover.

  • What were they in one of these with the little buttons on the but that you put up together?

  • I don't know what that is.

  • That's not the way business eso be done.

  • And so now you wanna talk about analytics?

  • You know what he said.

  • This was a person, a people problem he had today.

  • And during that interview, when he was talking about the players and what was going on, the next question was, Do you think you guys have gotten better?

  • You know what he said?

  • Well, the analytics say this ain't analytic issue right now, they ask you a simple question from the point off leadership as a team.

  • Since you've gotten here, have you gotten better?

  • It's an easy yes or no answer.

  • If you do have a Super Bowl winning coach, if you do have a coach that is Coach one of the greatest players off all time and Aaron Rodgers I'm not hiring you to tell me what the analytics say.

  • I'm not gonna come on this show and have Max who loves analytics, have Stephen A.

  • Who has been in journalism his whole life.

  • I'm not gonna talk to you all to people about analytics and journalism.

  • I'm gonna talk to you all about football because football is what I lived in.

  • What I do.

  • Mike McCarthy has lost himself.

  • He ain't had himself in a long time.

  • It was the wrong.

  • It was the wrong higher, which starts with the owner.

  • He's the wrong coach, which is on him, and the players better play for themselves, because when this whole thing blow up, Jerry Jones still gonna be a millionaire and they ain't gonna have no jobs.

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unlike any other sport, that sport.

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Stephen A.: I wouldn't be surprised if Mike McCarthy gets fired before the season ends | First Take

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