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  • Hey youtubers it’s Charlie, this is going to be a breakdown of the trailer and I’ve

  • also got some news about the villains in X-Men Apocalypse. Besides the obvious one. This

  • is also going to be my bonus Marvel video this week.

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  • future.

  • In case you didn’t know, It’s coming May 23 in the US and May 22nd in the UK. So pretty

  • much all of us will get to see it at the same time.

  • Let’s get going, I’m really just going to focus on the new stuff in the trailer,

  • but since I haven’t done an X-Men video since the first trailer, that’s a lot.

  • So right off the bat theyre dropping the Time Travel bomb. They’d implied this was

  • happening in all the trailers, Wolverine being sent back to rally Professor X and the X-Men

  • against Bolivar Trask.

  • The voice over explains why the Sentinels are bad for everyone and we get a better look

  • at their ships. We saw that preview clip from the mtv movie awards where they were dropping

  • out of them into battle. They remind me a lot of the way the Chitauri living ships functioned

  • in Avengers, just like troop ships.

  • I’m really curious to see how they explain both versions of Professor X talking to each

  • other psychically across time. It’s an awesome visual, but it’s going to have to jump through

  • a few logic hoops based on mutant abilities in the future.

  • We see Wolverine going around and grabbing Beast, who for some reason isn’t full on

  • Blue, unless he’s mystique in disguise. Bryan Singer is really good at making ensemble

  • films and thrillers, and I kind of think of Days of Future Past as a Time Travel Political

  • Thriller with Mutants and Machines instead of James Bond.

  • They show Magneto in prison and Mystique not with him, so clearly something went wrong

  • after the events of the last movie. I’m even more confused about the timeline and

  • Beast’s appearance now.

  • We finally get the big Quicksilver Intro. The funny part is that theyre going to

  • use him to break his father, Magneto out of the Pentagon prison. Love that Nixon poster

  • in the background of his home.

  • The breakout scene is also a little confusing, I loved Xavier punching Magneto, but why can

  • he walk, when he was crippled during the last movie. So many questions.

  • Theyre really laying it on thick here with the Magneto Baseball stadium effect. They

  • wanted to top that levitation scene from the first movie. I think this is kind of an absurd

  • way to do it, but I’ll wait till I see it in the context of the story to judge.

  • Peter Dinklage is going to be epic as Boliver Trask, just watch him on Game of Thrones if

  • you don’t believe me. The design of the 70s sentinels is pretty cool, but the future

  • ones are really trippy. I can’t wait to see the rest of what the future looks like.

  • The ships and tech look amazing.

  • We see bone claws Wolverine, like in the post credits scene from The Wolverine movie last

  • year. In the promo images of future wolverine we saw the adamantium claws, so I wonder if

  • they just did that wrong, or if changing the past gives future wolverine his normal claws

  • back. More timeline questions.

  • The final scene is also really awesome. I just love that Wolverine would tell someone

  • flat out what their future was. Most people would pause to consider the ramifications,

  • but Wolverine is just like Fuck Spoilers dude, you totally die.

  • So the big news right now about X-Men Apocalypse, the spiritual sequel to Days of Future Past

  • is that Mister Sinister will be in the movie and Apocalypse of course. But Mister Sinister

  • will be like the Loki of the movie. As in the X-Men will be fighting him for most of

  • the movie before Apocalypse steps out of the shadows.

  • I think of him as being Fox’s version of Thanos. Theyre the two biggest villains

  • you could possibly use, so neither studio wants to roll them out too soon. That’s

  • why it’s taken so many Marvel movies to get to Thanos.

  • There’s no word on what either Sinister or Apocalypse will look like, but the story

  • will loosely be based on the Age of Apocalypse storyline and supposedly theyre bringing

  • back Nightcrawler and Gambit. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you get from Days of Future

  • Past in the 70s to Age of Apocalypse in the 80s.

  • In Days of Future Past the mutants are driven to extinction, then attempt time travel as

  • a way to change the future. So even if theyre only a little successful in changing what

  • happens with the sentinels, theyve created a whole new timeline.

  • And the beauty of X-Men stories is that no matter what you do, the outcome doesn’t

  • change too much. So instead of being super happy hug time, the new future created in

  • Days of Future Past is still awful, it’s just overrun with minions of Apocalypse, primarily

  • Mister Sinister.

  • It’s like you swing from Humans dominating Mutants to Evil Mutants dominating Humans

  • and Mutants. So it’s almost a worse future.

  • Since Bryan Singer said the plot would only loosely be based on Age of Apocalypse, well

  • have to wait for more information about the cast to guess what theyll change. But Channing

  • Tatum did confirm he was in talks to play Gambit and if theyre bringing Nightcrawler

  • back they could shuffle the cast depending on who dies during Days of Future Past.

  • So I’ll do a future video for Apocalypse at some point, but my next Days of Future

  • Past video will probably be the review of the movie when it comes out.

  • Feel free to suggest future Marvel bonus videos for me to do. And heads up, I’m posting

  • Agents of SHIELD later tonight, super late. Patton Oswalt was on and he was amazing. Be

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  • You can click here to watch it, I’ll add the annotation as soon as I upload it. And

  • click here to learn more about Captain America 3.

  • Thanks for watching, see you guys tonight. High Fives!

Hey youtubers it’s Charlie, this is going to be a breakdown of the trailer and I’ve

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X-Men Days Of Future Past Final Trailer Breakdown

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