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  • before I came to New Zealand, I only expected to see white people because it's New Zealand.

  • Turns out New Zealand is not new.

  • It used to be out era because it used to belong to these people, that mountains who for thousands of years have lived in New Zealand with their own unique culture there.

  • Hello, looks like this because you only know a person if you share a breath with their weapons, are shaped like the bodies off their ancestors and their body decorations are beautiful.

  • This stands for mom, that Children nutrition and protection.

  • When Europeans came to New Zealand, the Maori population fell dramatically.

  • But despite that, there are still people today that identify proudly and fiercely as Bobby because of Maori, is not a person determined by his looks or his skin color, but by his heritage, culture, language and genealogy.

  • That's what makes a Maori Maori.

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  • That's more than a minute.

before I came to New Zealand, I only expected to see white people because it's New Zealand.

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