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  • I feel like that's the exact sentiment that you want the guy to have.

  • He didn't say anything about wanting the ball.

  • He said that we got to get this right.

  • I'm tired of losing the bad teams, and I'm sick of trying to make people happy.

  • Let's focus and do the work like it seems like a lot of what Lewis was saying earlier.

  • It seemed like the same sentiment.

  • That's what I got out of that.

  • That was something that I would say I would be upset of him.

  • I'd say, All right, we got a team meeting on Monday morning say that everybody else saying that I wanna be out there and take my ass whooping just the same way I wanna be out there Winning is the sentiment that I would expect that I would want a team toe have.

  • That's the stuff that you build.

  • In my view, that's the stuff that you build a winning culture around with your team leaders, your best players, your prima donnas, so to speak.

  • Your receivers are out there with this type of attitude, like that's encouraging.

  • To me, that seems like what I want.

  • My team leaders to be saying, You don't have to say it to the media, but say it in our locker room and get us all on the same page.

  • Nick, let me tell you something, man.

  • Maybe I'm just, you know, I came in a different culture, man, but we don't need I don't need to say anything.

  • I don't.

  • You know, I don't need any type of team meetings or anything like you.

  • You've been a part of the thes team meetings where everyone has a whole lot to say and they end up backfiring.

  • I don't We don't need to.

  • I don't need to hear any talking from I don't need to hear them talking from anyone.

  • Okay?

  • You just got your teeth.

  • Get in.

  • Show me.

  • OK, show me on the practice field.

  • Show me on game day.

  • That's the only thing that I want to see.

  • All this talking and stuff.

  • You can cancel that.

  • I don't wanna hear, hear anything like that.

  • That's all I'm saying.

  • Let me get Lewis in.

  • I'm curious to hear his perspective.

  • Lewis haven't had a chance to check in with you so far in this out.

  • What hero dealt?

  • You hear these guys.

  • What do you think?

  • Sure, sure, Yeah, You know what I think, Dominic?

  • I think what he said was, I'm tired of losing the good teams, actually, and that is the most important thing that I think he said right there, because that kind of, like builds off of what I was saying earlier about about Cleveland, that being that remember, transformed from hope, the expectations now and the expectations, or that you're not going to just beat the Dallas Cowboys and run the ball for three into plus yards against the team that right now is totally reeling and doesn't know what's going on.

  • We want to see what you do against the rivalries against the top notch teams against the blue bloods of the NFL, and that's what he was talking about when he said, Look, I'm tired of losing the good teams like this because what he's saying is, I know that in order for us to get the respect that we need to get and that we're searching for, we need to beat good teams and we need to beat them consistently, and I want to be out there helping do that.

  • And even when we're not doing those things.

  • I still wanna be out there.

  • Don't save me.

  • Don't try to protect me.

  • I'm willing to go ahead and sacrifice whatever I need to sacrifice in order to help us get to where we want to get, too.

  • That's the frustration.

  • I sense coming from him that he wants to be a part of it in good times and bad.

  • And then, look, he was asked the question here.

  • He wasn't like he wasn't going out there saying Hey, look, I need to have the ball more.

  • I need to do this more.

  • You'll need to do this for me and do this for me.

  • He is recognizing that the reason why they're not getting respect is because in moments like this, they're not performing and they're not getting the job done.

  • And he doesn't want to be someone who is kind of like exempt from the criticism.

  • He's saying, Look, keep me out there.

  • I'll take my but taking along with everyone else because until we beat teams like Pittsburgh until we beat them consistently, we're not gonna get the respect that we deserve and that and he's right.

  • He's 1% and the the one push back I will have against you D would, is that I agree with you do the work.

  • The work is the most important thing, but it's not either, or I think the words that you say have value because of the work that you've done like it doesn't necessarily matter so much exactly how you phrase it or where you phrase it or who you say it to.

  • It matters who is saying it, and if he is someone which we all understand has always been passionate, always works hard, always puts it out there.

  • If he says something in a meeting room, it carries different weight.

  • So I agree with you.

  • Don't come out there just talking and don't follow it up with some support.

  • But everything that I've heard about him suggesting me that he is someone who works his ass off.

  • If he does that and he comes in and follows that with the words that to me has value, and that's how you That's part of how you build a culture and organization.

  • I have to run to a break.

  • But the one thing I keep thinking is this is sort of the downside of having all these stars on your team.

  • You have so many.

  • So players were so famous that everything they say becomes news.

  • And sometimes when things aren't that can really be difficult for a team.

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I feel like that's the exact sentiment that you want the guy to have.

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