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  • Georgina Peress.

  • Oh, you're okay.

  • E O Ravana, Guatemala.

  • Mexico.

  • Everybody wants to go to Mexico.

  • They don't want to stay in Mexico.

  • Almost four.

  • Thank Caravan is a way to avoid deadly criminal violence.

  • Where a The problem is ultimately political.

  • What agencies are responsible for fighting crime.

  • And the answer is no one.

  • This is a country where 98% of crimes air never solved.

  • Okay, I was Okay.

  • So what?

  • We need to look at you.

  • Embarrassing Canton Peace organizer cycles.

  • Media scrutiny.

  • Yeah, They should turn back now and I'm ill.

  • See?

  • See what's fun.

  • Get out of it.

Georgina Peress.

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B1 INT mexico caravan organizer canton guatemala scrutiny

Blood On The Wall | Trailer

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