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  • with Google docks.

  • Using the keyboard isn't your only option to add text.

  • You can also just talk and have Google transcribed the words for you.

  • You can use this feature to transcribe meetings and audio recordings, or simply when you want to write faster than you can type.

  • To use this feature, you must use the Google Chrome Web browser, and your computer needs to have a microphone to get started.

  • Click on tools, then voice typing.

  • A little dialogue box appears if you need to, you can click here to change the language.

  • To start recording, simply click the microphone icon.

  • And if a pop up appears, click allow.

  • Google's voice typing feature works pretty well, comma, and it even lets you add punctuation using voice commands, period.

  • Even though mistakes are likely to occur comma, it is still a great way to create notes very quickly, period.

  • Clicking the microphone again turns voice typing off.

  • In this example, Google did a very good job of transcribing my speech.

  • It helps that there isn't a lot of background noise that Google has to try to filter out.

  • Google's voice recognition is good, but it knows that it isn't perfect, So it underlines words that it's not sure about.

  • In gray, this makes it easier for you to spot any errors.

  • You can correct mistakes by placing your mouse over the underlying text right clicking and choosing the best option.

  • You can also use voice commands to make edits to your text.

  • Let's try an example.

  • Select are likely to occur.

  • Delete might happen.

  • Stop listening.

  • Notice how, I said stopped listening to turn off voice typing.

  • To find a full list of available voice commands, hover over the microphone and click the question mark.

  • While it is possible to do extensive edits using Onley your voice, the process is cumbersome.

  • If you're able toe work with the mouse and keyboard, you're probably better off using those to make your edits.

  • Voice typing might not be the best way to edit your resume, but it is a great tool for when you are brainstorming or need to quickly take some notes.

  • G c f.

  • Global.

with Google docks.

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Google Docs: Voice Typing

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