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  • remember when breakfast could give you a cavity creeping Story remembers this'll d i y beverage required three things.

  • Milk powder and paper towel.

  • Do clean up the milk from the gallon jug that you inevitably spilt all over the counter way.

  • Started out of chocolate, obviously, but then we quickly evolved into banana strawberry.

  • We have double chocolate.

  • We have banana strawberry.

  • That's Leo Ness Quakes marketing director.

  • Back in the 19 forties, Nestle was actually up to something very different from what we know them as today, their market wasn't kids.

  • It was the military.

  • Nestle was doing a lot of experiments with powder beverages at we were supplying the Army with rations for powder tea, and it got us thinking, What else could we turn into?

  • A powder and powdered chocolate was the next best thing.

  • Yeah, we'd have to agree, Eh?

  • Goes had their heyday in the 19 eighties and nineties, but they recently made a huge comeback, thanks to a pretty big television series.

  • The Eggo Waffles had been in the script since the very first version that I read this'll is Bill Davis.

  • He was the art director for season one of Stranger Things we had to create a packaging that existed in the early 19 eighties, as opposed to the current packaging that goes now are sold in every time that you see the Eggo waffles on screen is something that either are props department or are step dressing department had fabricated Stranger things must have done something right, because egos have since tripled in sales.

  • Breakfast is contrary to popular belief.

  • Toaster strudel was not invented by Gretchen Wieners, Dad.

  • So to find out the truth, we did some research and made some calls.

  • Johnson as the marketing director for toaster strudel Ray, he's here to set the story straight.

  • We love that association with mean girls.

  • But actually, in 1979 a man named Joe Perotti is a product is offer at the Pillsbury company.

  • Most challenges his team to come up with a great new product ideas.

  • So the experiment with all kinds of things and started throwing this dough and in contracting it out.

  • So it was kind of missing something, so they figured out to add delicious fruit filling to the center.

  • And that idea is what became Pillsbury toaster strudel.

  • That's one for Joe Pirozzi and none for Gretchen Wieners.

  • And there you have it.

  • Some of your favorite breakfast foods and some of the people who know a thing or two about them.

  • Thank you.

  • Mm.

remember when breakfast could give you a cavity creeping Story remembers this'll d i y beverage required three things.

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The Surprising Origin of Nesquik and Toaster Strudel

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/24
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