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  • cold.

  • Calling employers is a real skill, and it is the number one way to get a job within the hidden job market.

  • The hidden job market is where the jobs that are not advertised are so you could go to an employer and see if there's any jobs going, even though they haven't advertised.

  • So in order to cold call more often.

  • Here's a few things you might want to do.

  • If you're gonna go to a factory, you wanna be dressed appropriately for that cold call.

  • If you're going to corporate, you wanna be dressed in business attire.

  • So think about where you're cold calling and how you need to be dressed for that.

  • So before you get out there, make sure you've researched the business.

  • You know about the organization, and you may have found out who the best person is to be speaking with.

  • You want to take your resume and your letter of introduction with you, because when you get there, if you don't get to talk to that person, you want to make sure you're leaving behind some information about yourself.

  • But ideally, you want to be talking with that person.

  • That's the hiring manager or a decision maker.

  • So when you're going in, you wanna make sure that you are being polite and patient and understand that you are cold calling, so they aren't prepared for you to walk in the door.

  • So going in understanding this will help you.

  • But also be ready because you potentially could be interviewed.

  • So something you could do right now is walk around your community and take a look at the businesses around you that you'd love to work at, get online, do some research or ask people about that organization.

  • It's the best way to get started Now.

  • I know this takes courage and confidence to get out there and do it, but the best jobs are found in the hidden job market.

  • So take action, do your research and get out there and make it happen.


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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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