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  • What's up guys? Today we're learning English with a hilarious scene

  • from Friends, where Joey kisses a man.

  • But first I want to invite you to download this free PDF Power lesson,

  • which covers the entire scene and explains all of the most important

  • pronunciation, vocabulary, cultural notes grammar and it even has a transcript.

  • So you can download that by clicking up here

  • or down the description box below. Now get ready to laugh and learn English

  • with Friends.

  • All right, I hope you're already laughing. Now, before we start

  • learning with that scene I wanted to quickly let you know that, if you're new here,

  • every week we make lessons like this one

  • to help you understand your favorite series,

  • movies, music and more, without getting lost,

  • without missing the jokes and without subtitles. Like Juan, who says that for

  • the first time in a long time he's actually having fun learning English.

  • So if you're ready to live your English too

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  • Hey, who is your favorite character from Friends?

  • Well, if it's Joey, then we have a bunch of lessons featuring him that are

  • guaranteed to make you laugh. So you can check out the Playlist with

  • all those lessons by clicking up here or down the description below after you

  • finish this lesson.

  • Alright, so that's all for today but

  • before you go I wanted to remind you that you can

  • Master the scene and really improve your English listening

  • by downloading the Free PDF Power lesson. Now it's time to go beyond the classroom

  • and live your English! Aww yeah!

What's up guys? Today we're learning English with a hilarious scene

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Joey Kisses A Man | Learn English with FRIENDS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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