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  • What type of bread is round has the whole and can be strung together like a necklace.

  • Yes, we know it looks like a bagel, and for the most part it is a bagel.

  • But instead of being boiled its face, and it also happens to be from China in Chinese thes air called Guam being, which translates to shiny biscuit, it's been a staple of coastal Fujian Province for over 400 years.

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  • Okay, that's a lot of hype for a piece of bread.

  • So let's get right into how they're made and what makes them unique.

  • 1st 11 is made by combining flour, water and a starter.

  • This is what will give the bread its rise.

  • It's been left to rest for a few hours.

  • The next day, the baker wakes up at 3 a.m. To make another doe.

  • He combines flower with salt, lye and water on, then puts the dough and love in together.

  • He then shapes them, which is a process that supposedly takes months to master.

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  • Um, Kartika, Gumby, the Americans, the whole allows the bread to expand during the baking process.

  • Dough is baked in this wood fire oven, which can hold 100 Guam being at a time being paid you want.

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  • He sticks them in the oven and sprays water on the dough.

  • The scene makes the breads outer layer crispy and shiny, like a bagel.

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  • Kind of he shall I It takes 15 minutes for them to cook when they're slightly browned they're taken out and ready to be sold.

  • The'keeper's ingredient in Guam B is lying.

  • Ah, highly alkaline compound.

  • It's what gives spread.

  • It's Chris Brown a shoe during the baking process.

  • Now, a bit of history.

  • The Guam being was named after this guy G.

  • Guang.

  • He was 1/16 century military general.

  • Include Jen, who allegedly invented them because they could be tied together and easily carried bristles.

  • And since then they've become a staple of gent and a symbol of endurance.

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  • These guys are some of the last glomming makers in China that they hope they can continue to pass on the tradition or developing somebody Will Bubba being with her, this dig member your kids will love catching.

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  • Yeah.

What type of bread is round has the whole and can be strung together like a necklace.

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How China Made Bagels 400 Years Ago

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