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  • on yoke.

  • It's clearing it out with Gobert on her, Murray for three on.

  • He's got it the and went over to help, and Murray cashed it in on the cover.

  • Craig comes in fires into yoga.

  • What a pass shot clock ticks down to three.

  • Murray.

  • Let's a runner pass down.

  • It goes quarter junior with a two handed jam, and now Murray goes all the way.

  • Murray scores at the basket.

  • Impressive run there.

  • And this is why Coach Malone wants his team to secure the rebounds, not give up any offensive rebounds because they should be able to play well together.

  • Inside Probably finds Murray shot clock down at one, gets up in time and count it and one for Jamal Murray is.

  • He goes high off the glass.

  • This out.

  • Oh, nice, nice.

  • You freeze that big man back there and because plumbing is there and you know if you pass it to him, he'll finishes strong.

  • You have to honor that fake Tony Bradley that ultimately his right knee gets healthy, and once he rehabs and gets that second opinion will have more updates.

  • Another chance here for Denver, going under a minute in the second quarter step back.

  • Three.

  • Murray.

  • He's gotta know Jamal Murray.

  • It's his third three.

  • He's got 18 now.

  • First two minutes.

  • Didn't have any of the rest of the first half.

  • The Nuggets.

  • One point.

  • Denver leaders.

  • We start half number two and right away.

  • The Nuggets cash one in with Jamal Murray in Atlanta at the half.

  • Just I think we're hearing Mawr coaching of energy and effort is Murray scores inside Mitchell, 31 points.

  • Here's Murray.

  • A little floater is good.

  • Took a baseline and Jamal Murray he's got 25 now.

  • Tell you what.

  • If I gave a team 57 points, I want to play you every day of the playoffs because you know you can light it up, Murray says.

  • Yeah, I could light it up.

  • Well, offensive rebound.

  • Once again.

  • Here's Murray on the drive gets by Gold Baron scores the largest lead of the game for the Jazz on.

  • Now Murray looking for a foul.

  • Oh, he makes it.

  • He was looking for a foul and a chance at a four point play reads.

  • They're making as you see this three pointer by Murray actually a two pointer as he had a foot on the line, 100 to 91 Utah by 11.

  • They pushed it to double digits.

  • Murray hits another Oh, what a game he's having out of bounds off of Utah.

  • Look how far back Bradley is.

  • We've talked about this with Denver.

  • So what's fair for one team?

  • You'll make plans to be with us who put every night here in the MBA bubble.

  • Murray gets a friendly bounce, just a scoring machine right now.

  • Jamal Murray, with 36 in the game and Denver has answered Bears so sure handed down their great pass right there are mental Thought it was too much on three point answer On the other end.

  • Murray is roasting right now 39 point for down four under five minutes to go in regulation here.

  • Murray fires again on Murray hits again.

  • Jamal Murray.

  • Look at this pick out front, the great set by Yokich, and he didn't get a charge on the way.

  • You love that coach Snyder told us It was such a difficult decision because he wanted to be a part off this playoff run.

  • Well, he's certainly a part of them getting here for sure.

  • It's Murray hits a huge three for Denver, right back in it down one with a minute and a half to go.

  • It's a long one here.

  • He'll have 50.

  • He's sitting on 47.

  • He'll pull the three.

  • He's got the 3 50 point game.

  • First time in history.

  • Opponents score 50 apiece, but this one belongs to the Utah Jazz.

  • Is they ride their star, Donovan Mitchell, 51 tonight for Mitchell, Utah Up 31 in this best of seven.

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on yoke.

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Jamal Murray drops 50 points vs. Jazz [GAME 4 HIGHLIGHTS] | 2020 NBA Playoffs

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