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  • Chris you mentioned about building 10 years ago.

  • You were a free agent, and at that time you left the Toronto Raptors to join the Miami Heat, be a sign and trade with Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra in that whole front office still basically intact.

  • They've added one of your teammates, Shane Battier.

  • Basically, many people think Miami will be a free agent destination, especially in the off season of 2021 when guys like Yannis could be available.

  • Kawhi Paul, George Victor Oladipo It goes on and on and on.

  • Do you see the heat as a desirable free agent destination?

  • Oh, yeah, Absolutely.

  • Um, if I were a free agent, that's where I would try to go.

  • You know, it's not only the city we could talk about how great the city of Miami is, which is great, um, great community, um, full of good people.

  • And you know other things that you might like to do if you really like the night life.

  • But more importantly, it's the organization.

  • Um, like I said before, it's all about championships.

  • So you're not going down there just to get some sun?

  • You know, it's a perk, but you're coming their toe work.

  • You're coming there, um, to, you know, work with, uh, great teammates, learn about teamwork and be professional and believe and make it happen.

  • So you know what that said?

  • I think it will always be a free agent destination, but it's a little more attractive when you have cap flexibility like they're gonna have in the next couple of years, so we'll really see what happens.

  • Azaz.

  • You know, the free agent pool gets closer.

  • I think they'll be able to make some moves, continue to draft well and continue to put a strong team together because that's what it's about.

  • You just need a good team to have a shot.

  • Yeah, there hasn't been a free agent, a big free agent last 25 years that Pat Riley hasn't wanted to get.

  • So of course they're gonna go after those guys.

  • But a big thing toe watch is what happens with bam at a bio.

  • Now, bam has the option of signing a huge extension this offseason.

  • He is gonna be a max player, or he could do what numerous players have done over the last 56 years and wait and push it back.

  • And if he waits and push it back to sign the following year, then it gives the Heat so much mawr off cap flexibility.

  • And it's interesting to point out that Bam and Yannis lieutenant coupe will have the same agent.

  • Doesn't mean they'll make the same choices, but they have the same agent.

  • If neither of them sign extensions this offseason, which they will both be presented with, watch out for the Miami Heat because it's an indication of what the possibility is right.

  • And I get what you're saying.

  • Wendy and I think Miami is attractive place to play.

  • You just look at their culture.

  • You look at Pat Riley exposure and what they developed down there.

  • And they are.

  • They are all about championships, let alone you could get down there and wiggle your toes in the sand a little bit when you need Cem, Cem, Cem Daylight right?

  • But when I look at bam to me, he's one of the top three Biggs in the league, right behind Anthony Davis and Yokich.

  • When he's able to bring to the basketball court and if I'm bam, this is his first big deal that he's about to sign.

  • It's kind of hard for him to push or pass on it.

  • This this off this off season because my grandpa always used to tell me, Don't pass up some for sure, trying to get some more.

  • And the thing is, is that on your big deal, you wanna have that security blanket?

  • You want to secure your future, and I get it.

  • But you know, and I don't mean to bring this up like in this instance, but it is what it is.

  • You know, You don't wanna have a that press Prescott situation where, you know he's, you know, negotiating the contract and God forbid you get injured.

  • So when you have that money on the table, in my opinion, I always tell the young guys, Go get your letters.

Chris you mentioned about building 10 years ago.

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Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat’s allure to free agents | The Jump

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